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18-10-2015, 19:54

I'd just like to post a quick question.

The aos app states;
A unit of spirit hosts has 3 or more models.

So therefor 1 base with 3 models on it is 1 unit?

When summoning spirit hosts you can set up a unit of up to 3 spirit hosts on a roll of a 5.

So does that mean a unit with 3 models or 3 spirit host units minimum 9 models?

This also leads onto the whole summoning argument and how overpowered it seems to be. Are you guys just playing without summoning at the moment?


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08-11-2015, 14:52
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Thommy H
08-11-2015, 16:46
1 "model" in a Spirit Host unit is a base with an indeterminate number of swirly ghost things on it. Same as Snotlings, Nurglings, etc. A unit of 3 Spirit Hosts is therefore a unit with 3 bases.

Re: summoning, that's a broader question, but I play it that you can only summon models that are part of your army. So if you're using a comp system, the units you want to summon must be included in your army list at the start of the game, just kept off table.

11-11-2015, 15:02
Summoning as per the Warscrolls so far allow you to summon as many model you want, provided that you have those model in your collection.

So yes it will be overpower if you have lots of models. Many house rules or comp will say that you can only summon the unit that is part of your army only. (i.e. Take summon models as reserve = less model on the battlefield at start)

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