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20-10-2015, 05:07
*AOS Skarbrand, not fantasy

So Skarbrand gets better the angrier he gets, with incandescent being the most powerful, him having 1-2 wounds left, gives him a TON of dmg 3 rend crazy attacks, re rolls to basically everything, can instagib mist characters, makes him insane but he only does have like 1-2 wounds left. SO, when he doesn't get to fight, he gets all rage-ey and starts of incandescent for the turn. NOW, my question is: aside from the rerolls and abilities you get from being angry, do you still get the boosted attacks and boosted total carnage that is equal to incandescent on the damage table? Or are the extra attacks and boosted carnage only triggered by wounds taken? I'm not sure how to play this and it makes a huge difference if Skarbrand gets 8 attacks on his turn (because he didn't start engaged and thus gains incandescent) or 3 (because he only gets abilities and not all of the other equal bonuses on the damage table). Basically I am trying to ask if incandescent due to not being engaged would affect him in the same way that incandescent amount of wounds suffered would affect him? I would really like some help with this.

20-10-2015, 10:14
I don't see why he shouldn't.
The warscroll says:
"...he is always incandescant, regardless of the wounds he has remaining..."
So everything related to his anger applies. Abilities + the damage table.

But I would suggest that "being able to attack" means that being able but choosing not to attack wouldn't trigger Incandescence.