View Full Version : Whfb-PDFs like Monstrous Arcanum still available somewhere?

20-10-2015, 12:36
Paradoxically since AoS came out, my friends and I started to play Whfb (8th Edition) again and really enjoy it. Sadly, since we were more focused on different things in the last years, weíre not well informed about some of the newest army books, Storm of Magic, Monstrous Arcanum and the like, and particularly donít own the corresponding rules. As far as I know, GW released some of them as free pdfs (for example Monstrous Arcanum?), but I donít find them anymore since GW shut down anything related to pre-AoS :rolleyes: . So here is my question: Has anyone an idea what was made available for download and where to find it by now? Many thanks in advance! :)

20-10-2015, 13:28
FW released the pdf rules for every monster in Monstrous Arcanum with a model (So everyone except the Khemri Titan, the incarnate of Death, the Arcane Phoenix, the Shard Dragon and the Necrofex Colossus). They also released the basic special rules for the monsters. Unfortunately not the scenarios or magic items. Right now is difficult to find them online (wayback machine isn't working well with FW old website so...). I have them, won't be a problem to send them to you if you don't find them.

27-10-2015, 13:33
So since there is only Coraxis‘ reply yet, I assume that there are no more rules available? Really sad, GW really seems to want the old Warhammer buried :(

@Coraxis: Thanks a lot, it would be really great if you could send the mentioned pdf’s to me via notifications, since I still didn’t found them anywhere in the net!

21-11-2015, 04:07
Hey, if you've still got the Monstrous Arcanum pdf then could you send it my way also?