View Full Version : Orks vs Tyranids benefit Khorne?

Dark Primus
22-10-2015, 16:55
From what I can understand the Chaos God of Khorne is getting fueld up by war and when blood is getting spilt, I assume he also getting his strenght even when Tyranids and Orks do battle??

22-10-2015, 17:17
Definitely not Nids, daemons and thus the chaos gods don't get any substance from Nids killing/dying. This was explained in the Nid codex when Nids were slaughtering an imperial world that daemons were present and the two saw each other as competing predators and thus slaughtered one another. Nids didn't even recognize the daemons until they realized they were competing for "biomass".

Orkz are a different story, orkz fuel khorne if they're killing humans but thats about it. However there are oddities that were entertained in the old daemonhunters codex of orkz mistaking nurgle for gork/mork and being mutated, etc etc. I think orkz could fuel the chaos gods but only if they willing give themselves to the chaos gods(which is rare/highly unlikely)

22-10-2015, 23:15
Well its a good question, do Orks, tyranids, and/or anyone else have souls to fuel Chaos?

Chaos revolves so much in warhammer and warhammer 40k on humans and elves/eldar, while other races dont seem to be affected. In 40k the Chaos Gods(except Slaanesh) were created by humans unintentionally. That Slaanesh, the God of Perversion, was created by the Eldar should tell you about them.

While Orks do fight, they fight so much based around the Ideas of Gork and Mork that if they did have souls then Gork and Mork would be fighting in the Warp against the Chaos Gods. Tyranids would also have their own god 'the Great Devourer" or something similar.

23-10-2015, 00:45
Tyranids would also have their own god 'the Great Devourer" or something similar.

Nids don't have a "god" they're a hive mind, when they die they just get recycled in the breeding pools. "Great devourer" is just some nametag their victims gave them.

23-10-2015, 01:13
The great devourer is a generic nickname for savage gods, like [Great] Wyrm.

But the Hive Mind is kind of a God. Its a living psychic field that directs the Tyranids to do what they do.

Chaos Gods corrupt sentient creatures to become followers, but the Tyranids are basically an entire race of animals. Only the highest level of tyranid hierarchy have anything close to sentience.

23-10-2015, 04:49
Nids dosent have soul since the hive mind have a tight conection with it so they dont feel nothing but a everlasting hunger agasint everyting, so Nids dosent seen to have enought mind to have emotions, been like animal controled by some entity.

Ork influence caos?...yeah but barely since their chidlike behivor mean they dont enjoy the slaughter or battle, they are a bully who enjoy kicking around since they dont care about death

23-10-2015, 08:26
It's been mentioned before that Orks are very resistant to corruption, far more so than other sentient races. This doesn't mean they can't though. But the life expectancy of Orks who do fall/are corrupted tends to be quite short, as other Ork tribes consider them a bit odd on an unconscious level and co-ordinate to destroy them.

Nids; well as the Shadow of the Warp waxes strong when a Tyranid force is about in large numbers (which is always) and that causes those using psychic powers to become ineffective or mad, then I assume it may have some destabilizing effect on the warp itself. If that crosses over into the warp dimension itself and prevents the predators in it from feasting on the emotions/souls brought about by the event, I honestly don't know. Has it ever been implicitly mentioned in the background?

Where's Lord Damocles when you need him for exact quotes? :p

Dark Primus
23-10-2015, 10:44
I could be wrong about this I do have vague memory that Khorne was pretty pleased even when Orks and Tyranids fought, even if he did not get any souls from it, but actually got strenghten from the actually battle itself, but not near as much as if his own followers would have fought instead.

Lord Damocles
23-10-2015, 16:38
The Chaos gods have nothing to gain from the Tyranids, as outlined in the description of the Fall of Shadowbrink in the 6th edition Codex: Tyranids:

'Casting their otherworldly perceptions across Shadowbrink, the Daemon lordsí confusion turned to outrage at the seething tide of aliens that choked the surface
and skies. These creatures had no souls to corrupt, manipulate or twist. They could no more be led into damnation than a lump of rock.'

'The Hive Mind was leeching their energies, severing the Daemons from the sustaining powers of the Empyrean. No real blood flowed for Khorne, just worthless alien ichor. As each rancid disease was unleashed by the children of Nurgle, so the next brood of Tyranids had grown resistant to it. Without the fear or devotion of true mortals to sustain them, the Daemons were foundering fast.'

Orks can serve Chaos (either willingly as, for example, in the case of Stormboys from Waaargh Orks (pgs.20, 61); or unknowingly as in the case of the Nurgle worshipping adversaries from Codex: Daemonhunters), and have both souls and blood, and emotions etc.

Where's Lord Damocles when you need him for exact quotes? :p
I wouldn't trust him. He's probably not even a real lord.