View Full Version : 100 Wounds Nurgle - FW, Mortals and Daemons

23-10-2015, 21:16
Haven't played fantasy in years but thought I'd come back to it with AoS. I assume I can mix and match from different lists like this?

I've thrown this list together based on what I have - I wanted to create a list with models I like and which are overtly Nurgley. Any suggestions are welcome though!

Tamurkhan - 18
Kayzk the Befouled - 7
Nurgle sorcerer - 6
3 Bile Trolls - 15
3 Plague Ogres - 15
7 Putrid Blightkings - 21
18 Plaguebearers - 18

24-10-2015, 15:53
- A box of Nurglings - cute and decent unit
- A box of the Rot Flies - hard hitting, but fast, and not to mention a full set for the collection.

Very resilient army - though lacking in speeder and missile attacks.

Down the road you could consider a Soul Grinder with the Mark of Nurgle OR Beastmen with Mark of Nurgle and bows for e.g.

25-10-2015, 17:43
Jind_Singh, you can't mark Beastmen.