View Full Version : The new Tau Breacher teams are basically what I want for my Imperial Guard :(

24-10-2015, 12:56
The new Breacher teams appear to be the old Firewarrior box set, but with additional helmets and " Tau Shotguns". This is basically what I want for my Cadians with a Veteran team. Just the old box set upgraded with additional weapons (melta and plasma) and some SHOTGUNS. Maybe some additional heads too. The only downside is that ends up making the box more expensive (ala the Firewarrior box now being 50 dollars). The price is easier to justify with the Tau as they can only run a max of 6 units anyways, but the Guard need a lot more troops. Anyways, I think the next big thing for the next Guard update should be a proper Vet box set. How do you think this should be handled?

24-10-2015, 13:33
I completely agree with the idea of do something similar for the cadian shock troops: a few heads, shotguns, meltas, plasmas, maybe even some extra types of torsos or additional equipment.

24-10-2015, 20:12
I wouldn't say the guard are lacking for troops. Two options feels pretty standard for most codices. Plus the infantry platoon is really flexible. You get basic infantry squads, heavy weapons teams, special weapons teams, conscripts and command squads all for a sing troops choice. And they can be mechanized on top of all that. You want a horde of infantry? got that. Mech platoon? got that. Cmd ordering a firebase of heavies? Check. And more!

I'd like to see vets get more options, as in: shotguns, lasguns or sniper rifles. And possibly some kind of las-SMG for grenadier types.
I'd also like to see salamander vehicles racing around. Our version of the venom.

Smooth Boy
25-10-2015, 04:51
I'd rather they released a veteran kit than try and cram it into the standard infantry one. We really need to get back to 20 man boxes for the guard, I wouldn't even mind paying 30-35.

25-10-2015, 08:22
Breacher Team is rules-wise what Scions should be.