View Full Version : help me make some lore for a cadian regiment

24-10-2015, 13:46
So I have been painting a small group of cadians for a while ( i chose this faction because i love the Imperial guard fluff, and there cheaper than Solar Auxilia) and I painted them in a grey scheme (the traditional green seems in my opinion kind of pointless) and i am putting a lot of weathering on them because i like the 'used' look it gives them. Any way i was hoping someone could help create some fluff that could justify a large amount of weathering on the guys. My original idea was going to be that they were sent to protect a small colony on the outer regions of imperium controlled space and they don't receive much new supplies so they are forced to use the old and damaged armour from many years ago.
So if you have any ideas on fluff i could use on them it would be appreciated.