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24-10-2015, 20:56
Ok, I have a greater daemon based off a trygon and Glotskin. Are there any cases that would support this? How do you guys carry the big stuff?

25-10-2015, 16:14
i had this issue for ages, and made do with card boxes and packaging material, which was never ideal and as i cycle everywhere became both awkward and susceptible to weather. i steered clear of the precut foam option for large models (KR, Battlefoam) as I have multiple armies, and what will carry my necron ghost arc won't carry my tau stormsurge (for example), and i didn't want to pay a fortune on foam for every model.

Fortunately GW released new cases, they're perfect for big stuff and competitively priced. I would recommend one of those with the following caveats:

1. The shoulder strap is worthless, no padding, too thin so digs into your shoulder. if you carry your stuff a long distance (i.e if you walk and use public transport to get everywhere) expect to carry it by the handle, which is in itself going to eventually become uncomfortable
2. The cases foam is bizarrely designed so that if you hold it as designed (handle at the top) for any length of time it looks like small models will shift downwards through the foam channels. leaving models clumped together and likely damaging each other. The case protects models best when lying flat (largest surface area parallel to the surface it's on) or on it's end (handle on the side, shortest end parallel to surface).
3. If cycling (as i do) the large case will not fit in any pannier, and only in large rucksacks (70 litre volume or more) and then tightly depending on the dimensions. the plus side is this case in a rucksack will be in the best orientation to protect models. You could cargo strap it to a pannier, but you'd be strapping it above an axle and would be bouncing your stuff about more than seems sensible.
4. The clasps look flimsy. And as the clasps have broken eventually on most GW cases i've owned I expect this to be a point of failure eventually. This matters less if you carry your case in a rucksack like me as there's no space for the lid to pop open. But should you drop this case i wouldn't be surprised too much if these broke.

So, look at the GW case if you drive to your games (will be fine lying flat on a seat etc) or cycle and have a big ass rucksack. In these circumstances i would say it's the best case available for flexibility and carrying big stuff. Otherwise it will be less suited for task and up to you whether the pluses outweigh the negatives.

For the record i own every generation of GW case from about 2000 (the eggshell foam case) to today, plus KR, Battlefoam, Custom cases (using camera cases) and a couple of unbranded ones. So I hope that my opinion is at least based on a decent breadth of experience.

Hope this helps you make an informed choice. There are plenty of youtube videos online that review different cases by the way, they were useful in making my own choice and probably of use to you too.

Snake Tortoise
25-10-2015, 17:06
Well if your model is no taller than a mawloc it would fit in a KR case any way you choose to stand/lie it. I don't know how to explain this well, but if you imagine a case's smallest dimension (its depth) a mawloc can actually stand up in that space (only just, it takes up all four layers of foam)

I've heard of tyranid players with lots of FMCs like harpies, flyrants etc. sticking magnetic sheets under their bases and then standing them on the bottom of a box which has also been covered in a magnetic sheet

25-10-2015, 17:53
Yeah, KR cases are a good bet - the only downside is, they're made of card, so make sure to keep it in a plastic bag or something if it's threatening rain. My case was about 25 and is large enough to take two Baneblades side-by-side in the bottom, with room on top for foam layers to accomodate minis. Also, it's worth looking into pick-and-pluck camera foam - inexpensive, and as the name suggests, you can pluck out sections to make it just the right size for whatever you're carrying. Deep pick-and-pluck should be enough to accomodate a Glottkin-sized model lying down.

26-10-2015, 10:53
Thanks guys. What I wanted to hear.

26-10-2015, 11:14
I use plastic food containers (tuperware) and bubble wrap, this is one of my main gripes with transporting my nid horde about so many big models.

27-10-2015, 17:39
I have a pelican gun case for my 40k stuff. I have 4 piece of battlefoam. 2 medium height (rhino/heldrake) 1 tall (double soul grinder) and 1 troop. I also have 2 codex, and all needed supplies in it.
For my Greater Brass Scorpion. I got cheap padding and an old file case from I have no clue where. I made a custom case for it, though not the most durable.

I have nothing planned for scabby, my knights, or glottkin yet. I am sure I will figure it out.