View Full Version : Carrying large beasties and such.

24-10-2015, 21:19
Ok, I have a greater daemon based off a trygon and Glotskin. Are there any cases that would support this? How do you guys carry the big stuff?

25-10-2015, 04:06
This might help, try the custom tray maker.

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Smooth Boy
25-10-2015, 04:11
Depends how fragile it is and where you live. If it's based primarily on the Glottkin and is sturdy, then I would just buy a bag or a briefcase and glue it full of foam from eBay. If it's delicate and you want a custom case see battlefoam above if you live in the US, and KR Multicase if you live in the UK. Try and get pluck foam.