View Full Version : Rallying on double 1 if reduced to 25% or less than 25%?

27-10-2015, 22:11
Was this faq'd before the faq's were pulled? only the contradiction on p24 pf the rulebook is quite stark.

"a unit that has LESS THAN 25% of its starting models left can only rally on the roll of a double 1"

Yet 5 paragraphs later it states

"if the fleeing unit has been reduced in size TO a quarter (25%) OR LESS of the number of models with which it began the game, it can only pass its Rally test on roll of a double 1"

clearly this is significant if we are talking about say 1 out of 4 rhinox riders as even a single rhinox rider is a formidable opponent.

Any thoughts?

30-10-2015, 04:59
It was adressed, one of those two was changed, but I honestly do not remember which one. I'm thinking it's below 25%, but I could be wrong.

30-10-2015, 18:12
Warhammer rulebook, official update version 1.8 (April 2013):

Page 24 – Compulsory Moves, Rally Fleeing Units.
Change the third sentence of the first paragraph to “A unit that
has 25% or less of its starting models left can only rally on a
roll of double 1.”

30-10-2015, 23:20
Cheers guys, I had hoped for less than. NM. I guess I should have saved the FAQ before GW pulled the plug. Lesson for me in relying on GW to support the products I invest in....(and just like Apple making my perfectly usable older ipad obsolete, am consequently not going to invest with again.....)

31-10-2015, 01:02
Wait, what did Apple do to your iPad?

31-10-2015, 11:10
Wait, what did Apple do to your iPad?

It's one of the earlier ones so not supported beyond OS5? is it?

oh yeah, and changing their pesky proprietary connectors - real nuisance that.