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Lamont Cranston
28-10-2015, 18:21
I have collected enough Praetorians to have a small army and I am planning on doing them in the normal red shirt, blue paints for the 2 platoons and command squad that I have. I also have enough models to also do a veteran squad which I was planning on painting dark green kind of like Sharpe’s Rifles. This is where my dilemma is and I was wondering your opinions:

Option 1: Use Praetorian Guard models with different color scheme for veterans
Option 2: I could get Mordians to be the veterans of the army and that would free up Praetorians for another squad.
Option 3: Use Tallarns as the veterans, which could allow me to take Rough Riders (If I can afford the models) and free up Praetorians for another squad.

28-10-2015, 18:30
If you wanted to do a tribute to Sharpe's (which I think would be awesome -- Sharpe is so badass that he survived being played by Sean Bean, after all), I think Perry Miniatures likely has some appropriate Napoleonic British riflemen/skirmishers that would fit the bill, since their Napoleonic Wars range is pretty complete. They are smaller-scale than modern GW minis, being 25mm or "true" 28mm, but IIRC Praetorian metal figs are also smaller than recently-released GW humans. The only major issue would be making them look like they had lasguns, though changing the muzzle to a lasgun muzzle on any other gun usually does the trick IMO.

If you wanted to go nuts you could probably find a good helmetless/hatless head and a straight sword for your 'Sharpe' in that range, too, and could use either the WHF Empire repeater handgun or part of a repeater pistol to model up Harper's crazy multi-rifle/shotgun thing. (I think it was called a 'volley gun' at the time ... could add Harker for that rules-wise, though the range of a heavy bolter would bely what that weapon really did.)

Oh, and I think the Praetorians were also sculpted by the Perry brothers, so they likely wouldn't look horribly out of place.

(Of course Praetorians are modeled after later-period British colonial troops, but hey, it's still 40K; no need to be a huge stickler for historical accuracy.)

My secondary recommendation would be Tallarns, to represent indigenous folk from North Africa or the Middle East who sided with the Brits, preferably with camo-cloaks and sniper rifles if you want to go for pure fluff.

28-10-2015, 18:46
Victoria Miniatures (http://victoriaminiatures.highwire.com/#) might provide some assistance for your goals.

Lord Damocles
28-10-2015, 18:58
If you specifically want to use GW miniatures, I'd go with Mordians.

I wouldn't use Praetorians, since military pith helmets post-date Sharpe by about fifty years; and if there's one thing I can't stand, it's other peoples' fantasy toy soldiers having historically inaccurate headgear :mad:

EDIT: Although if not wedded to GW models, I'd grab some of Lamb's Not-Drookian Fen Guard and get some highlanders in the army (there's even parts for a bagpipes!)

29-10-2015, 15:06
When I first started my mordian army I used pretotians as the commanders / vets

Seems you are fortunate enough to have the models to do it the other way around .

I think they both compliment each other and would be a good way of distinguishing between the units without straying too far from the style.

I had my mordians with the red on blue. I had my pretotians with the red on white bottoms and yellow on red coats.

30-10-2015, 20:08
I voted for Mordians - they are excellent models too, mix well with Preatorians, and why limit yourself to one great range if you can use both?

03-11-2015, 12:57
I'd go with Praetorian's, but then I'm a bit of a purist!