View Full Version : 1500pts highlander iron hands

30-10-2015, 22:17
Highlander list for a event I've got coming up
Any feedback?

Techmarine 65pts (warlord)
Bike 20pts
Total 85pts

Scout squad 55pts
Land speeder storm 40pts
Multi melta 10pts
Total 105pts

Tactical squad 70pts
Plasma gun 15pts
Sgt. with combi plasma 10pts
Rhino 35pts
Total 130pts

Bike squad 63pts
Extra bike 21pts
Extra bike with grav gun 36pts
Total 117pts

Fast attack
Storm talon gunship 110pts
Sky hammer missile launcher 5pts
Total 115pts

Drop pod 35pts

Heavy support
Centurion devastator squad 165pts
Sgt. with omniscope 10pts
Three grav cannons and grav amps 75pts
Total 250pts

Relic whirlwind scorpius 125pts
Battle of keylek 35pts
Total 160pts

Deimos pattern vindicator tank destroyer 130pts

Lord of war
Typhon heavy siege tank 350pts
Armoured ceramite 20pts
Total 370pts

Army total 1497pts

30-10-2015, 22:31
is this for caledonian uprising? i know that's got a highlander section and is soon, it looks great but i would say the centurions are a big point sink and i would try and find the points for a conversion beamer they are so worth the points.