View Full Version : What Other Images Have Old Models on Circular Bases?

31-10-2015, 23:41
I'm theorizing it's an indication of what else is likely to be receiving an AoS repack.

06-11-2015, 01:55
We have seen warrior priests, a war alter and flagellents in the Age of Sigmar introductory video.

06-11-2015, 12:21
Lots of skaven
Most (if not all) Vampire Counts range
Forest Goblin Spiders (of all sizes)
Tzeentch Chaos Warriors and Knights (including painting guide)
There is artwork of Orcs looking fairly similar too.

Edit - just noticed some Gors with a Nurgle army.

06-11-2015, 18:04
remember, GW often use photoshop to chane bases

06-11-2015, 18:16
remember, GW often use photoshop to chane bases

Haha! I can understand doing it for background or even multiples of models but bases? How wonderfully lazy!

06-11-2015, 21:21
remember, GW often use photoshop to chane bases

Sums GW up that they think that their taken for granted customers would be happy either to rebase their existing armies or put up with a hideous incongruity with any other minis they may now buy from GW - the real slap in the teeth is that is change is totally unnecessary in AoS. This of all the changes pisses me off the most, Aos *will* be canned in two years and they may want to grovel back to fantasy to recover the 15% of turnover they are throwing away, but they will be less likely to if that involves repacking everything back with squares - and getting customers like me back is not going to happen if they don't.

My guess it is scorched earth by an arrogant (and really thick) gw exec to burn bridges and make sure there is no going back. The bad news for gw shareholders is ultimately they will - just that exec will cost them more, and has Kirby has a few million quids worth of shares, which AoS is is rapidly going to be turning into a few million less quids worth of shares, to which all I can say is haha ******* ha!"

06-11-2015, 22:03
The ones I was talking about were not photoshopped, they were newly painted models.

06-11-2015, 22:57
Yeah man, that base change was totally unnecessary, if it wasn't for that there would be more aos players(probably, not everyone demands game to be tactically challenging some just like pulp wargaming).