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03-11-2015, 01:57
So I'm finally getting my raven wing done. And am wondering how to use the 6 boxes of black knights i have. I'm thinking 2 command squads one with apothecary and the last 8 as a basic squad of black knights. What do you guys suggest? I'll be running a bike librarian, sammy, and 3 full squads of bikers.

03-11-2015, 03:53
6 boxes ? That is many Black Knights my friend. I have a few boxes, I think 4, and I went 1 command squad and the rest as a black knight squad. Sounds good though to me. I just wish you could black knights in any of the nice new formations.

03-11-2015, 13:35
Lol AA how have you been? Yea I was stockpiling for awhile. Wanted to do 2 command squads and then a 10 man squad which I may still do. I'm pretty sure the 2 command squads was everyone's favorite way of running them such a shame we don't get the dakka banner anymore. I went to look for the dark angels tactics but couldn't find it.

03-11-2015, 23:07
Should still be there but not many tactics we have that we didn't have before. It is a shame on the banner, not too surprising it got hammered away.

Grand Master Raziel
04-11-2015, 21:26
I'm not too upset about the banner. It was a schticky piece of gear that was actually kind of hard to use effectively - it was mostly carried by units that it didn't benefit, and the only unit it really helped were Ravenwing Attack Squadrons. It made for some wacky army builds - Ravenwing Squadrons clustered around a LRC with a barebones Command Squad toting the flag cowering inside. I like the current dex better, but my ability to use the formations is limited by our meta - my frequent opponents don't have groovy detachments, so I feel bad about using them, so I use CADs.