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08-07-2006, 18:10
After a wonderful night in SF at Meat vs Death Guild, I awaken to the sounds of my panicky wife. "Get up, your car has been broken into!" she says. Slight panic, as I have stuff in the trunk. Run to the lot next door where my car is and see the telltale signs of glass on the passenger side. And my trunk was up. Dammit. So, I have a wargaming hobby where I keep my armies in my trunk. 4 armies, to be exact. Each worth about, $350. Even my paints and dice for said game. Gone, all gone. It's not the value of the armies that makes me angry, it's the fact that some of the pieces I had since '87. I put a lot of work into the painting and conversions of some of the models. Sigh. CD case is gone as well. Lots of rare things in there. It's replaceable stuff, but still. This sucks ass. So, for those wonderful people that took my stuff, hope I never find you. I don't get angry much, but when I do I'm dangerous. Thanks for letting me tap into that.

08-07-2006, 18:13
Your armies got stolen? Bummer.

I'm glad Warhammer is so obscure a hobby in my country that no thief would think of taking my minis.

EDIT: I suggest you keep an eye out on eBay and similar second-hand goods services. You might get a chance to bust his knee-caps yet.

08-07-2006, 18:14
Were they insured?

08-07-2006, 18:21
got any pics? that way people will know to look out for them

08-07-2006, 18:23
Yes also it would help if you tell us where you're from. And like spikyjames said post pix of your army if you have em and we'll look out too. We'll all in this hobby we must stand together.

08-07-2006, 18:46
Sadly, no pics. This happened in Sacremento. Guys are probably not smart enough to post on e-bay. So, I'm letting all the gameshops know. My armies are heavily converted, though. So, if it's a gamer here in town, I'll know as everybody knows my stuff. It was the following; EC, Beil-tan, LAtD with lots of mutants and An EC White Scar army. All 2000 points+. Plus, my Hero clicks which was a good investment as well.

08-07-2006, 19:01
Sadly, no pics. This happened in Sacremento. Guys are probably not smart enough to post on e-bay. So, I'm letting all the gameshops know. My armies are heavily converted, though. So, if it's a gamer here in town, I'll know as everybody knows my stuff. It was the following; EC, Beil-tan, LAtD with lots of mutants and An EC White Scar army. All 2000 points+. Plus, my Hero clicks which was a good investment as well.
Sorry can't help you I'm on the other side of the pond! But I will keep any eye out just in case.

08-07-2006, 19:22
The real gutter is that if they've been stolen by people who don't know what they are they might well just throw them in the bin or dispose of them cheaply. :(

Best of luck in getting them back.

08-07-2006, 19:26
Wow, this is really a sad day, you've got my sympathy. If it had been all unpainted post-'00 miniatures, okay, but this collection included things from 1987 till now AND they were all painted and, as you said, heavily converted, damnit. This is really a loss.

I also wish you best luck for getting the stuff back.

08-07-2006, 19:37
I know the problem. A friend of mine had a nice shine metal transport case. apperently that looks alot like a <insert Valuables>transport case, So they busted his car too, 4000 points of High Elves down the drain. Never seen them in our local gaming community after that.

Note to self, never leave armies in car...ever. (I have the same shiny cases).

Shaper Shakra
08-07-2006, 19:51
That really, really sucks. Plus it was in America, so the people probably don't know what they stole. Best of luck to ya, and I'll keep my eyes open.

Insane Psychopath
08-07-2006, 19:59
thanoson: That truely suck man, I really hope those ******* get what coming to them.

Though (knock on wood) I had nothing taken, I do know the feeling working hard on armies only for someone stupit try & destroy them.

In college we had this complete git in all meaning of the word, everone hate.

One day he was been very careless, not care about anything other than slaming his bag, almost destroying my prize Chaos Marine army that got me into the college course & this Chaos army, everone know there my main army. I badly wanted to beat him up for his stupity, but because I did not want kick out the course, I've had to deal by telling him to ******* off all the time.

The army was alright, just a few arm & head broken off but this was due to me catching the case before it hit the ground. I had my army in because ever Tue I go to my local GW for Vet night & save time & money if I got right there after college.

Luck the git not allowed into the Two year model making course, because he was to immature & thank the chaos gods for that. Other reason I want to beat the guy up because my best friend was ment to be in the course, but the git took up the place (my friend application got lost in the college), cause my class a year of hell basicly. We all hated him & all wanted to beat him up.

As said I know it kind not same thing, but it along the line of. The army mean so much to me (like your own mean a lot to you) & some stupit ******* try to destroy it.

The only thing I would advice it keep a eye on e-bay & your local news paper if they do ad's.

Why are there gits in the world :rolleyes: take what they do not deserve.

Well best of luck & hope you truly kick those stupit gits.


Lord Humongous
08-07-2006, 20:35
Unfortunatley, most minature transports look a LOT like (or are even made from) the cases used to transport guns, cameras, recording equipment, and the like.
If I ever have to leave my cases in the car for long, I'm gonna paint them bubblegum pink and put big labels that say "Dildo & Vibrator Sales Samples" on the side.

08-07-2006, 20:41
you might get some very odd looks from them...

best of luck getting your mini's back, even if you get the insurance the time and effot you will have lost is horrible to think about!

08-07-2006, 20:49
This is the kind of thing done by teenagers and people just walking through.
I had a box of coffee mugs stolen out of my car the thing was there was also a bucket full of em, but it wasn't stolen because it was unsealed and they saw what was in it. With the box it was taped up tight... Keep an eye out for your neighbors who walk home late/early in the morning or teenagers who walk through the nieghborhood early morning or late at night.

People who you would think would never steal are the one who do it the most. Mom's are real problem with shoplifting...

Also If it was someone just passing though maybe one of your neighbors saw them and didn't think too much about, ask around. Sometimes people see things and don't think about it till ask.

GOOD LUCK. If you catch them just think you don't have too do anything just call the police friday, most places don't hold people at the station house over the weekend they'll be sent to county lock up till monday...

Captain Blood
08-07-2006, 21:08
Ouch. Many condolences on the lost army, I know the feeling. Lost my first army in much the same way. Got off class, saw the door open. Nearly cried when I checked the trunk. If you ever catch up with the guy who did it, mashing him with a warhammer would be appropriate, legally dubious or not.

08-07-2006, 21:12
They knew what they were getting. My LAtd were just in a shoe box. Plain to see. But, they didn't see my Demon Princess Duchess, sitting on the seat. Sadly, she has no army to lead. They even stole the dice and the paints. All the hobby shops are informed, hopefully someone will call me.

Thanks for letting me vent. I don't normally post stuff like this. I guess it helps to write feelings out sometimes. This blows. Still, I have my Bugs, Death Guard and part of a squat army (they stole around 30 of them with my LAtD). Let Karma be swift and appropiate.

08-07-2006, 21:23
I dont wanna sound weird but hobby wise this could be quite a refreshing moment in the fact you have to start again.

It might be alot like first starting the hobby fresh clean start kinda thing.

My thoughts to you though, Out of all the things of mine that could be stolen i'd want my models to be the last, The time dedication and thought that goes into an army is worth 10 fold its cash value.

if you dont get the stuff back maybe the WS admin guys wouldent mind a fundraising thread to replace some of ya stuff, You know... like say you'v lost a marine bike and somone has one still on spure they dont want etc..


08-07-2006, 22:13
Nah, nothing like that. My new army will be grander than ever. It just stings a little bit.

08-07-2006, 22:33
I wouldn't mind donating to a fund raiser for your new army. I can only imagine how much that stinks, me being super protective of my army and all.

I remember once I was in a GW store and some guy came in saying someone stole 10,000 points (YES, 10,000) of Tau. He was looking to start over. To me that is dedication to the hobby and really amazed me. He didn't care if he had to start from scratch, he just wanted to still be in the hobby.

When he told the GW staff they said to check around where he lives, once someone had there whole army stolen and it was recovered from the person living in the apartment below them. So I hope you get your army back and all goes well.

- Luthor

20-07-2006, 05:29
Ok, update to my story. So, as you know, I also had a very nice hero clix collection stolen as well. A friend that got me into Hero Clix gave me a nice bag of some of the newer clix he didn't want. I got a Bizzarro from that. Then the owner of the local shop I play at told me to look through all of his clix he had in the back and take what I wanted. How cool is that? I actually have about 3 times what I started with. But, I am without some of my more hard to get peices. But that was awesome. Today though, was the icing on the cake. 2 game reps were at the store today. The owner told them about what had happened and they gave me the [censored as to not get anyone in trouble] box set as a starter for my LAtD army. I almost cried, as it was the big box. I just wanted to say, thank you guys for your support, and thank those that have helped me in this time. Oh, and I got to see a very nice upcoming codex that happened to be one of my armies taken. Looks like I start from scratch. BTW, this codex is awesome.

20-07-2006, 05:40
Glad to hear everything worked out for you.

20-07-2006, 05:49
Getting your minis stolen by some punk is one of the worst things that could happen to a gamer, especially when they have put so much time and effort into it. I hope who ever stole your stuff gets eaten by some flesh eating virus.

Tho its good to hear that people have helped you out, kinda gives u a warm fuzzy feeling in side

20-07-2006, 06:56
Sadness on the loss.:(

Happiness that people pulled together. That's what community is all about.:)

20-07-2006, 07:27
I don't know what I woulld do If someone stole my (admittedly) small army, the time spent is the worst part of all.

Congrats on getting Some stuff back, I hope those *censored* all get ebola or something as punishment.

20-07-2006, 07:40
this is nice i mean i always here about the bad people but its nice to here a good thing happen to someone

20-07-2006, 07:42
I was at my local GW for the Armageddon campaign (local meaning closest which is 200 miles from my house but I was in town.) and the power went out. Somebody stole a bunch of boxes from the shelves and 3 army cases while the lights were out.

I lost 750pts of eldar (luckily my Orks were on the table at the time) and a kid lost his whole 'Nid army (Both cases)

The GW staff were so pissed about the theft of players army's, much, much more than the shop stock.

Evey one chipped in to get the kid some new 'nids (I gave him all my space hulk and space crusade stealers)

It was very touching to see everyone helping out like that.
I even had to turn down offers of eldar replacements (there is only so many models you can fit on the back of a motorcycle)

*Edit* whoops forgot to give my condolences. That does well and truly suck I don't even like people touching my models let alone taking them. I was seriously pissed about the loss of my eldar but the new codex seems like a good chance for me to replace them.

Dat Wildboy
20-07-2006, 09:04
i offer my condolences as well. i haven't had an army stolen, the odd mini or 2, but nothing as bad as yours.

mine was in a car break in too. i get back from a walk to find the car unlocked (only a window broken) and my nicely painted commisar on the back seat gone. i thought that sucked, but it seems the thieves are worse where you come from.

good luck in finding them, but don't expect anything. i have low expectations of any police force in any country. keep on patrolling e-bay. i hope something turns up.

20-07-2006, 10:25
You should be contacting every local hobby store and pawn shop and leave your name and phone number with them. This same thing happened to somebody I know and, as I worked at the largest local hobby shop at the time, the thieves brought the stuff in and tried to sell it. I stalled them long enough for the police to arrive and both of his stolen armies were saved. Talk to your local people, let them know what happened, and that they should keep an eye out for your stuff. Provide a detailed description of the stuff that was stolen, and if you can provide pictures of the stolen items then that is even better. It need not be a picture of everything, just key items that will stand out in peoples minds if/when they see them- something to jog their memory basically. The guy I know that this happened to had a very distinctive Bloodthirster stolen. As soon as I saw it, I had the thieves dead to rights.

Good luck to you.

20-07-2006, 16:27
Yeah, I'm checking E-bay and craigslist. All the stores know about me. Funny is, I heavily convert most of my stuff. Anyone that plays in the city knows my stuff, as most come to my store for tournaments. Still waiting.

20-07-2006, 19:58
ouch thats alot of mini's good luck on finding them.

I have found that sitting at a dark window with a laser pointer in a camcorder scares any one looking through my car windows after say 9 0'clock at night. nay just walkaway when the know they are beeing watched but some run.

20-07-2006, 21:08
When some one steals a thousand dollors woth of stuff and you want it back is the best time to pray to some entity and work hard to get them back. People are stupid, and do stupid things. The theif may know you more than you might think, could be a friend. I have had "friends" who stole fifty bucks from me. That didn't last long. I feel sorry for you, and I my self and extremely overly protective of my army. The money isn't whats worth it to the gamer. Its the time spent with the army and what you've done to it. Stupid punks... Best way to fix that is either get a garage, or sit up on the roof every night with a nice rifle in your hands.

20-07-2006, 21:29
Sadly, no pics. This happened in Sacremento.

I'm in Sacto, too, and I'll try to keep an eye out. I normally play at A-1 in Roseville. I'm really sorry to hear that it happened, man. All that time and effort. Makes me feel a little sick just hearing about it, so I can only imagine how it must've felt for you.

21-07-2006, 08:13
Eh, it happens. I learned a very hard lesson. A-1, eh? Have you been to Great Escape? Nice tables and scenery. Check it out if you can.

21-07-2006, 09:18
Really sorry to hear about your loss but glad to hear that people you know are trying to help you get back on track.

Not really the same thing but I used to work in a comic shop in a mall and it had those grill/grate style covers over the front of the store. Well one day one of the guys there left a folder of really expensive TCG cards in a folder on the counter and some punk kids came down before we opened and got their hands through the bars. They went away with a few hundred pounds of cards.

But kids are stupid, we set up a sting opperation and left the exact same situation the next morning really early and waited around the corner, sure enough the kids came back and we got one of them with his hands stuck in the grate. He soon snough told on his mates and we got the cards back.

23-07-2006, 02:39
That's frickin cool.

23-07-2006, 03:30
So, you just paint and convert four new armies, pack them in your car, hide in the bushes, load your shotgun, and see who turns up ;)

I'm really sorry to hear about the loss.

Imperial Stormtrooper
23-07-2006, 04:18
sorry bout the loss man... that must suck. i hope you find the guys who took your stuff and... the stuff.
But people get free stuff where yall live if something has been stolen? thats a myth here....