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14-11-2015, 15:35
Stopped by my local store today for a White Dwarf. Apparently they have a new deal on.

Whenever you introduce a new player to the game and they buy a starter set. (my understanding is,any starter set sold counts), both you and the oth player will receive a 10 voucher each for the store.

They have flyers for it. See below.


14-11-2015, 15:37
They have done that in the past, with different benefits, usually around X-mas.

14-11-2015, 16:26
Interesting. A solid marketing deal from a fellow marketer.

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14-11-2015, 16:34
Yeah, it's a nice little incentive effectively nets you the starer set for 45 if you are splitting it with a friend.

ON the flip side, their Christmas offerings seem a bit pale this year. Except the Project starter box, 49 paints, 5 brushes and the project box for 125 is excellent.