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17-11-2015, 21:39
Are all the weapons, vehicles, ammo etc etc considered property of the Deparmento Munitorum? Or do they belong to the Imperial Guard/ Navy/ whatever Branch of "the military" after they have been given to them by the dep. munitorum? Need to know because of some story stuff :)

17-11-2015, 22:58
unsure about the navy but the impression I get from the background is that the imperial guard itself belongs to the muntorum, so by extension their equipment too

17-11-2015, 23:05
I know the Derpartmento Munitorum is effectively the galactic government branch that controls the distribution of equipment. That basically means they are the Imperium's Quartermasters. Once it is out of their hands I dont beleive they can take anything back, but without their cooperation no forces can be gathered. The Imperial Armor siege of Vraks is an example as they effectively slowed the flow of equipment stalling the campaign after it reached its deadline.

18-11-2015, 12:52
So the markings on this (http://abload.de/img/screen08x4sg3.png) make sense then, i guess?

18-11-2015, 22:37
Wow That's well modeled. Nicer than the one they did in Space Marine.

I would say they are, Military equipment does not cease being property of the British Government, US government etc etc once it's issued to a Battalion. No good reason I can think of why it would be any different here.