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20-11-2015, 15:56
Dear All,

I was wondering if anyone could reccomend a good gaming group in London that features a strong 8th / 9th community.

In short, AoS is not my cup of tea and I am seriously debating leaving the hobby unless I can find a good group of people who still like fantasy games with movement trays!

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks :)

21-11-2015, 00:54

I'm sure that others can pitch in with more options but I would say that you should get in contact with these guys http://eaglegamingclub.freeforums.net/forum

And if you are interested in 9th age then you can register at the http://www.the-ninth-age.com join the discussions, find more players and tournaments. :-)

21-11-2015, 01:37
Here in the North of London; our gaming community suffered a major blow with the local GW banning fantasy.

But we have a very strong 8th community and are working on finding places to play currently.

So it is a bit of a "watch this space" atm. But we are very determined!

24-11-2015, 11:17
Thanks folks. Location wise, Eagle Gaming club looks a better fit but keep my posted on what's occuring in both London!

24-11-2015, 11:48
From my own end of south London, its fair to say WHFB is pretty much dead - both for 8th, 9th and AOS.

You may get the odd game, but certainly the club I go to most (Clapham) has long given up on it. I've also rarely seen it played in darksphere either - sadly there just isnt the interest that there used to be in it, particularly when other systems are out there that are proving more popular and resilient.

You could try DS facebook page, or post on a couple of club sites, but it seems not many people are playing right now.

24-11-2015, 15:30
We are just starting to organise our Warhammer 8th league for next year. Our site isn't the best but if you come down on a Friday night you'll get a warm welcome.