View Full Version : So today was a great day for the Hobbit Hobby!

25-11-2015, 08:39
Today marked a great day for our Hobbit Hobby...

A new player bought the Escape from Goblin Town and a box of Grim Hammers - with plans to pick up Warriors of Erebor and Fell Wargs soon.

Another potential player asked if he could play a game borrowing one of my armies with him - as he is looking to potentially get a Mordor force!

All this has come with serious investment of time from our local players - I roped two of the players in to helping me organize a Doubles event.

We had 16 players show up with 5 apologies, and of the 16 two were new to the game! Both borrowed my spare armies and teamed up to take part in the 800pt event (400pts per player).

We've also started a Facebook page, The West Coast Hobbits, and have a Facebook Messenger Chat group.

Today's new recruit marks the 5th person to do so since we started playing at the store again, and we've grown from 3 players to just over 26 now!

Despite the shrinking product range (noticed about 4-5 more models taken down from the website over last few weeks), and no source books, it's very encouraging to see that the scene is still healthy!

Even more exciting - I get to play out the 5 games from the scenario booklet with the new player this week, and the other interested party wants to demo the game on Friday!

25-11-2015, 12:36
Great news Jind Singh!

From a Galaxy far, far away...

27-11-2015, 11:22
West Coast Hobbits is by far the best club name I have ever heard!

I wish I had come up with it... Not that I live on the West Coast... but still.

29-11-2015, 18:19

And we celebrate yet another new player who bought EFGT, Bill, Bert, & Tom, and a box of Goblin Warriors!


02-12-2015, 05:31
So the last 7 days have seen...

SIX NEW PLAYERS join the scene! OF the 6 3 bought starter sets and models, two are almost getting models, and one has bought some Mordor troops!

I never would have guessed we'd see so much growth in the twilight years of the hobby!