View Full Version : BL black friday

26-11-2015, 07:57
just as GW have joined in Black Friday this year, seems BL have too


27-11-2015, 07:33
Novels that cost what a full price MMPB roughly goes for currently? Meh. TPB format is just a money grab by publishers.
How about more novel lenth novels, and more MMPB period?

CAD ben the same as USD, and AUD only a dollar more seems like a good deal though, compared to the usual Oop North and Oz price inflation.

27-11-2015, 23:56
TPBs are pretty great for what they do, but there's a reason why Mass Market formats still exist besides them. TPBs are of a higher quality, crack far less easily and, frankly, I personally prefer holding in my hands over MMPBs.

Now, Amazon is listing the 250 page TPB "Kharn: Eater of Worlds" at the same price their 400 page TPBs cost........
By the way, BL has also always milked Euros. $9? Make that 10,50€!

Old School
01-12-2015, 12:04
PASS! Not tempted, even with any of the unsold limited editions.