View Full Version : Farsight and tidewalls

29-11-2015, 22:41
For anyone who has read through Mont'ka and Kauyon stuff, is there any mention of Farsight Enclave utilizing tidewalls?

From what I remember the enclaves used to have fluff of them using mostly older tech from when they grew distant from the larger empire, but still got their hands on prototypes and such on occasion.

Any quarrels with the background to see Farsight forces using the tidewall defenses (beyond the model having the Tau Empire symbol molded on instead of Farsight)?

30-11-2015, 01:26
Nothing wrong with that, they seem to be able to get their hands on anything through their connections with the Tau Empire, between sympathizers and outright defectors.

Strictly speaking, no, there was no mention of Farsight's forces using the Tidewall in Mont'Ka. Farsight was was not present in Kauyon.