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30-11-2015, 01:33
I have played harlequins almost exclusively for a while now and I have really been trying to make them work because I love the background and models so much, but I have been struggling pretty terribly against my groups Marines, Admech, and Tau. I noticed the IA book with the updated Corsair rules came out and I am really curious to give them a shot. I have some reservations though. The reason I don't use Eldar (even as allies to my Harlies) is due to the wide opinion in my area that they are overpowered.

I just had a couple of questions

-Do I need to be concerned about people being unwilling to play against it due to it's power level(are they considered high tier?) or it being a forgeworld army?
-Are they actually even an effective army and what should be be looking to buy to get them started towards a 1500 point list. I imagine a couple of 10 man guardian squads+conversion kits and a model to be my corsair prince.

Thanks in advance guys!

30-11-2015, 04:32
I always feel bad when I hear when a player's opponents dictate what they can or cannot play...

Corsairs are kind of like a ranged analogue to harlequins. They will probably fit pretty well with what you currently play. Fragile for cost, but they will be able to put a high volume of firepower down field.

01-12-2015, 22:48
Harlequins and Corsairs are a good fit fluff-wise. Are your local guys opposed to all Eldar, or are they mostly grumpy about wraith units?

01-12-2015, 23:31
Harlequins and Corsairs are a good fit fluff-wise. Are your local guys opposed to all Eldar, or are they mostly grumpy about wraith units?

Some of them refuse all together. Most are just incredibly vocal about their hatred of wraiths and scatbikes.

03-12-2015, 20:55
Well, get vocal about thunderwolf-cavalry, grav cents, stormsurges, ghostkeels, tzeensh flamers etc, etc, etc.
I suffer with you mate. Where was this whining when banshees lost their punch some editions back, or when...

OT: I have not read the book but from the discussions and what I have seen, Corsiars look very much basic Eldar just not craftword and neither Harlequins from what I can see they are the middle field in terms of style. Looks like a really good army to play a balanced list. They can work well without psykers (unlike CWE) but do not lack them (unlike DE). Frankly? I'm afraid FW will continue to get a whole lot of my money for the foreseeable future. Corsairs looks so nicely rounded...

Casper Hawser
03-12-2015, 21:43
I must admit I can be a bit of a moaner at our club about the Eldar but I never refuse to play against them I just feel really good if I win and if I lose I can blame it on them being Op it's a win win situation.

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Inquisitor Kallus
04-12-2015, 00:11
They can work well without psykers (unlike CWE)

In no way do CWE need psykers to 'play well'

04-12-2015, 01:26
Just out of curiosity, have you ever thought about Dark Eldar instead of Craftworlders? Venoms and Ravagers, venoms and ravagers... :) Plus, the Armour of Misery works nicely in combination with the Mask of Secrets. -4 to an opponents Ld is amazing coupled with a really high initiative value of Eldar, basically if you win a combat, you're going to run down any non-marine, non-fearless army... Plus, Raiders are cheaper than Star Weaver are and have a larger transport capacity.

04-12-2015, 10:57
In no way do CWE need psykers to 'play well'
I do not like using psykers thus most of my lists have non and had non for years.
Still, most People I hear or read or see think along the lines of CWE= psykers.

08-12-2015, 21:13
It doesn't sound like you are a jerk and want to play things you enjoy.

Add in stuff from Eldar and Dark eldar to round out your list so you can get to a solid 50/50 win rate.

Your opponents are obviously space marine players.

09-12-2015, 03:50
It sounds like your gaming group is comprised of all 7.5ed codices anway, which means as long as you're not spamming bikes and Wraiths they've really got no leg to stand on as far as complaining. As for Corsairs, the Warp Hunter is pretty devastating, but also limited to a couple per army and is still an AV12 chassis. Hornets can still get surprisingly cheap pulse lasers, but aren't anything too crazy in the modern power curve. They also have Eldar Jetbikes, but again, if you're not spamming them with Scatter Lasers or Shuricannons, they're really nothing terribly scary. The Corsair bikes do have the option of taking a Splinter Cannon as well, which is kind of an interesting medium as far as putting out a comparable amount of anti-infantry firepower but not being an anti-tank threat (that's how I intend to run mine).