View Full Version : Equipment for Maneaters

02-12-2015, 04:28
So me and a friend got into an argument about the Equipment for Maneaters the rules say ...In addition, some carry ogre pistols or giant throwing stars that can be used to bring down thier foes from afar. Now I know that the Maneaters have very limiting options, just six models, but i feel that they managed the melee part well by lumping in all weapons into a generic attack. What i have a problem with is, to me, only the Pirate maneater, with a pistol, and the ninja maneater, with throwing stars, should be able to shoot. It might be petty of me to not allow hit to shoot with the others but they could have easily changed the wording to "all or any ogres.." instead of "some ogres.." so i just wanted to get a general consensus on what others thought if they would allow or not.

02-12-2015, 08:05
going by the rules alone its not allowed, age of sigmars speaks about models equiped with and as such the model should have the equipment on the model. But for friendly games I would allow it.