View Full Version : Aelfs vs Duardin - Dreadhold Battleplan: Fortresses of Death, Age of Sigmar

05-12-2015, 20:44
Two armies are trapped within a pair of mystical fortresses linked by a Realmgate, where they are being forced to fight a vicious, drawn out battle. Who will earn victory and gain sole control of the field of battle. Join us to find out!


10-12-2015, 10:01
Great report as usual, beautiful models and table. Feel that maybe the dwarves should have gone for it, death or glory. Theyd have got a few shots in and were probably marginal faves at that point. Also just likes the idea of the grumbly dwarves pushing their weapons through a stargate, lit match in hand

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Spiney Norman
10-12-2015, 12:13
Great report guys, I can't help but think the scenario rules, particularly about the gate itself were a little... insufficient
I think a rule that says you can't move or charge on a turn you move through the gate would have helped.

It did look like a slightly weird scenario though, on the other hand the forces did seem pretty balanced so +1 for SDK