View Full Version : Does Queek use both Gouger and Dwarf Slayer?

06-12-2015, 22:34
So, I'm kinda confused here. Is the spiked maul Queek has in his model the Dwarf Gouger? And if so, is the sword he uses the Dwarf Slayer? I'm kinda confused on this as in earlier editions it mentioned Queek using two weapons, Gouger and Dwarf Slayer.....but in the latest editions it only mentioned Dwarf Gouger.....is the Dwarf slayer sword removed or something? Or does Queek just use an ordinary sword instead?

Darth Alec
06-12-2015, 23:07
As per the most current rules pack (AoS), he uses Dwarf Gouger and a "Barbed Sword". So Dwarf Slayer seems to not be a thing anymore.