View Full Version : Cult mechanicus and space marines?

07-12-2015, 19:03
I started building a scout company and got so far (3 squads of 5 with bolters in storms) and went off with cult mechanicus, buying 3 elimination maniples (18 destroyers and 6 robots) and a priest....
My question is, can i make this stuff into a competative list somehow? preferably around 1500-2k and if so what weapons etc should i build the mechanicus with?
Thanks in advance guys/gals.

08-12-2015, 14:57
I've had some luck with my marines by adding drop pods and putting destroyers in them. They drop in and flame things, then use the grav cannons. However, I don't use the scout company and I have a lot of bikes (White Scars.)

I'd suggest adding a few more marine units, or adding Skitarii to your list. The War Host Convocation is really nasty. A number of tourney players add a unit of scouts, priest, and drop pods from the Flesh Tearer formation to make the War Host even nastier.

08-12-2015, 15:28
To add to Kaiserdeean's list, the Scouts can operate just as they are with the 10th Company Task Force Formation. The Formation comes with some interesting little buffs for them as well, and you can even add some Scout Bikes to it if you want.

11-12-2015, 21:20
Cheers guys, whats the best to build the cult stuff up as? I mean destroyers or the other units and what about arming the robots, should i go all out and give them the hand mounted gun and the shoulder mounted gun aswell?