View Full Version : 1500 Ogres list, need help

10-12-2015, 09:12
hey guys, im a fairly experienced 8th player with WoC and the odd high elves. im looking to add a 1500 ogres army to a small meta mostly consisting of Woc, VC and LM. i was wondering if this list was a good start point?

Slaughtermaster 333 pts
(Level 4 wizard, Ironfist, Talisman of preservation)

Bruiser 153 pts
(Battle Standard, Standard of Discipline, Ironfist, Heavy armour)

9 Ogres 303 pts
(Ironfists, Standard Bearer, Look out Gnoblar)

6 Ironguts 273 pts
(Standard, Look out Gnoblar)

4 Leadbelchers 172

Ironblaster 170

This comes out at 1404, so was thinking to take either a couple more ironguts or magic standard/irongut.