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131 points: Thane
Hand Weapon, Shield, Gromril Armor, Fiery Ring of Thori, Ring of Fury

146 points: Thane
Great Weapon, Gromril Armor, The Silver Horn of Vengeance, Master Rune of Gromril

291 points: 29 Dwarf Warriors
Hand Weapons, Shields, Heavy Armor
Musician, Standard, Veteran

120 points: 10 Thunderers
Hand Weapons, Dwarf Handguns, Heavy Armor

120 points: 10 Thunderers
Hand Weapons, Dwarf Handguns, Heavy Armor

288 points: 16 Longbeards
Hand Weapons, Shields, Heavy Armor
Musician, Standard, Old Guard
2 Runes of Slowness

230 points: 20 Miners
Great Weapons, Heavy Armor
Musician, Standard, Prospector

215 points: 15 Slayers
Slayer Axes
Musician, Standard, 1 Giant Slayer

145 points: Cannon
Rune of Forging

150 points: Cannon
Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning

160 points: Organ Gun
Rune of Penetrating

Dark Elves:

115 points: Death Hag
2 Poisoned Hand Weapons, Witchbrew

150 points: Khainite Assassin
Blade of Strife, Manbane, Throwing Weapons

130 points: 5 Dark Riders
Spears, Shields, Repeater Crossbows
Musician, Standard, Herald

190 points: 20 Black Arc Corsairs
2 Hand Weapons, Light Armor, Sea Dragon Cloaks
Musician, Standard, Reaver

295 points: 20 Witch Elves
2 Poisoned Hand Weapons
Musician, Standard, Hag
Razor Standard

345 points: 20 Black Guard
Halberds, Heavy Armor
Musician, Standard, Tower Master
Standard of Discipline

270 points: 20 Executioners
Great Weapons, Heavy Armor
Musician, Standard, Draich Master

152 points: 8 Shades
Great Weapons, Repeater Crossbows, Light Armor

180 points: War Hydra
Firery Breath

175 points: Bloodwrack Shrines


(All perspectives from the Dark Elves side)

There was a Mysterious Forest on the Dark Elves side on the left flank, with a Wall directly to the left of it, with the left corner being a hill as well. On the Dwarf's left flank there was a single hill. Towards the center there was a Watchtower, with a Mysterious Forest directly behind it in the Dwarf's deployment zone. On the right flank there was another Wall and a Blessed Barricade on the Dark Elves' side, with a Dwarven Brewhouse on the raised hill on the Dwarf's right corner.

The Dark Elves set up their Hydra on the left flank behind the Forest, the Witch Elves directly to their and the Executioners just on the left side of the Watchtower. The Black Guard were on the right side of the Watchtower, with the Corsairs and the Bloodwrack Shrine on their right and the Dark Riders on the far right flank.

The Dwarves set up their units all in a line, with the Organ Gun on the left flank, with Slayers on their right, then Thunderers, Cannon, Longbeards and Warriors. The second unit of Thunderers and the other Cannon were on the raised hill on the right next to the Brewhouse.

The Shades scouted out behind to the left of the Organ gun. The Dark Riders went forward with their Vanguard Movement. The Dark Elves took turn 1 and the Dwarfs rolled a 6 on the Ancestral Grudges table.


Turn 1:

Dark Elves:

The Witch Elves were already full of barely restrained fury, so the moment Selise gave the order, they surged forward, snarling barely restrained fury. The Executioners, eager to keep up with Selise and impress her, marched alongside them at a steady clip, their discipline allowing them to cross the field at the same rate as the Witch Elves. To their left, the Hydra roared and crashed its way through the trees, knocking wood flying as its handlers steered it toward the Dwarfs.

On the right flank, the advance was more disciplined, but no less quick. The Black Guard marched forward silently, the only noise the drum that kept them marching in lockstep. The Corsair's musician blew his huge ivory horn and the Corsairs ran forward alongside them, the Shrine Keepers jabbing at the Medusa with their spears to keep it atop the shrine.

Behind the Organ Gun, Sha'kot threw off his disguise as the Shades closed in on the war machine. The Dark Riders on the far side of the field kicked their horses to move as fast as they could towards the Cannon, taking care to keep out of the Thunderers view.

As the Dark Riders moved in close to the Cannon, they hefted their Repeater Crossbows and let fly. The volley was mostly ineffective, the majority of the bolts bouncing off the cannon, but a single arrow did manage to hit one of the crew in the throat, causing him to collapse dead on the ground. On the far side of the field, the Shades fired their crossbows at the Slayers, striking one in the back of the head and killing him.



Intent on defending their lands from further invasion by the Druchii, the Dwarfs merely braced themselves for the assault and refrained from moving. Instead they readied their ranged weapons. The Thunderers atop the hill aimed their rifles and let loose at the Corsairs, but a combination of poor aim and the Corsair's thick armor meant only one fell. The Thunderers in the center aimed at the Executioners, but they too were too far for them as well and only 2 fell.

The Cannon on the far right, desperate to keep the Dark Riders from closing, hurredly shoved their cannon full of rusty nails and let fly. The blast was effective, but not enough; when the dust had settled, the Herald was still astride his horse, his spear held ready.

The Cannon in the center wheeled around to fire at the Hydra, but although its aim was spot on, the cannonball slipped between its legs and landed in the dirt, leaving the Hydra unharmed. Forced to abandon their planned fire on the Witch Elves to deal with the graver threat, the Organ Gun wheeled and blasted away at the Hydra. The hail of bullets accomplished what a single cannonball couldn't and the Hydra collapsed in a pool of its own blood.


Turn 2:

Dark Elves:

The loss of the Hydra was keenly felt for the Dark Elves' plan, but the Druchii were unwilling to even hesitate even for a moment. While the Slayers were close enough that the Witch Elves could likely charge them, a few snarled commands from Selise pierced through their drug induced insanity and they refrained from charging.

Nearby, Sha'kot made a handful of quick silent hand motions, to remind the Shades of their mission, and more importantly the price of failure, before breaking ranks and charging towards the Organ Gun's crew as the Shades moved quickly to the right, ending up behind the Thunderers in the center. Across the field the last remaining Dark Rider lowered his spear and kicked his spurs into his horse's side, charging toward the Cannon.

The remaining Dark Elves marched in lockstep forward, moving toward the Dwarf lines. The Witch Elves were the most eager to make it to them, but were held in check by the Death Hag, while the Executioners drew their swords in anticipation of reaching the Dwarfs. The Corsairs and Black Guard marched slower, while the Shrine Keepers forced the Medusa farther up, hissing instructions to it to direct it to aim its gaze at the Dwarfs.

The snarled instructions seemed to make a difference, and the creature locked eyes with one of the Dwarf Warriors. Something resembling a smile seemed to cross the Medusa's face for a moment as the Dwarf it stared at collapsed convulsing on the ground. Across the field, the Shades aimed their crossbows at the Thunderers and shot, two of the Dwarf gunners collapsing.

On one side of the field, the Dwarf cannon's crew ducked around the spear thrust from the Herald, readying their axes, but before either of them could raise their weapons, one of them was kicked to death by the horse the Herald was atop. The second Dwarf crewman ducked behind the cannon to avoid the horse's thrashing hooves and was unable to swing back.

On the left flank, the battle went even worse for the Dwarfs, as they had barely registered they were in danger before the Assassin had slain all three of them in a fury of violence. With a few quick pieces removed, he sabotaged the Organ Gun and turned amidst the carnage to face the Thunderers.



The Dwarfs, in order to avoid being overrun, had to take the initiative and try to drive the Elves off. The Slayers on the far left charged forward at the Witch Elves, who shrieked with delight at finally making it into combat and drew their knives. On the far side of the field from the Slayers, Kraggi put the Silver Horn to his lips as Barak ordered the surrounding Dwarfs to charge.

The Dwarf warriors charged roaring at the Corsairs, who drew their swords as the Shrine Keepers stalked down the stairs to meet them. The Longbeards tried to imitate the Warriors and charge the Black Guard, but the terrain near them was rougher and they couldn't get up enough speed.

With an almighty crack, the ground behind the Thunderers split as the Miners hacked their way to the surface. Although they had been intended to come up behind the enemy's lines, they arrived where they were needed, amongst the Dwarf lines. The Thunderers, decided it was better to face the majority of the enemies, remained facing the Executioners.

The Thunderers and the Cannon crew knew how close they were to being overrun by the Dark Elves and so aimed their guns at the Executioners. They were closer than before, so their shots were more accurate, but only 3 fell. The Cannon tried to make up the difference, but they had loaded it hurriedly, and stuffed it with too much gunpowder, and the cannonball overshot, only killing a single Elf. The Thunderers on the far right aimed their guns at the Black Guard, as their only viable target, but the long range meant only two fell.

On the right flank, when the cannon's last remaining crewman hefted his axe and charged at the Herald, determined to die like a warrior, the Herald immediately obliged him and drove his spear through the crewman's throat. Satisfied the cannon was going to remain silent, the Herald wheeled his horse around to face the Thunderers.

Nearby, the Dwarf Warriors leaped into battle with the Corsairs. As they reached the Corsairs' front rank, two of them happened to look up at the serpent woman sliding down the steps and collapsed like puppets whose strings had been cut. The Medusa took the opportunity to leap into the fray, picking up one of the struggling Dwarfs and biting into his neck.

The Corsairs followed suit, swarming into the Dwarf ranks and swinging their blades left and right, but the Dwarfs thick armor meant that they were mostly ineffective, killing only four of them. In return Barak blasted them with his Fiery Ring, causing the Corsairs to recoil as two of them burned alive. The Dwarfs took advantage of them falling back to attack, their axes biting through the Corsair's dragon skin armor, killing or wounding eight of them. The surviving Corsairs turned and fled, allowing the Dwarf Warriors to swarm over the Shrine, killing both Medusa and Shrine Keepers and smashing the mirror apart. The time they took to do that allowed the Corsairs to flee the field. The Dwarves followed after them briefly, before halting.

Far across the field, the battle was beginning to turn against the Dwarfs. The Slayers were well known for their ferocity, but even they were unprepared for the savagery with which the Witch Elves fell upon them. The Witch Elves completely overran them, killing all of the Dwarfs in an orgy of blood. A handful of the Slayers managed to fight through fatal wounds to strike back, killing four of the Elves, but the women were undeterred.


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Turn 3:

Dark Elves:

The Dark Elves could feel the battle beginning to turn in their favor and we determined to press their advantage. The Shades, reacting to another set of signals from the Assassin, charged the Thunderers from behind while Sha'kot charged in from the side.

On the right flank, the Black Guard, completely unphased by the Corsairs fleeing the field, hefted their halberds and charged at the Longbeards. The Herald, still aware of his mission despite the loss of his unit, lowered his spear again and charged at the Thunders on the far right.

The Executioners, deciding that the Shades and Assassin had the Thunderers handled, elected not to weather their shots and merely wheeled, marching towards the center. The Witch Elves turned towards the center as well, scrambling over the rocky terrain in desperation to slaughter more of the enemy, only being held in check by Selise.

With almost all of both armies engaged in close combat, the battle was well and truly joined and shooting was forgotten. The most quickly decided battle was that against the Thunderers. Before the Dwarfs had a chances to holster their rifles and draw their axes, Sha'kot had fell upon them, slicing apart four of them in a flurry of violence.

Even as they were reeling from the attack, the Shades joined, their huge swords carving through the Dwarf's armor like butter, leaving three more butchered in the dirt. The remaining two Thunderers tried to fight back desperately, knocking a single Shade back, but the brutality of it was too much and they fled. Unfortunately for the Dwarves, the Shades were quicker and the two were caught and hacked to ribbons, as Sha'kot turned to face the approaching Miners.

In another nearby melee, the battle was less one sided. The Black Guard and Longbeards were both the elite of their armies, and were evenly matched. The Black Guard pushed forward into the Dwarf lines, their halberds hacking left and right, but the Dwarfs locked shields and held firm, only four of them falling.

In return, the Dwarfs rallied around Kraggi and struck back, axes biting through the Black Guard's armor. When the Dwarfs were done, no less than seven of the Elves had fallen. Kraggi expected the outnumbered and outmatched Elves to retreat, but they proved even more stubborn than the Dwarfs and began to try and force their way through the shieldwall again.

Atop the hill, the Dwarfs again proved their tenacity and toughness, as even as the Herald drove his spear through one of the Thunderers chest without issue, the Dwarfs refused to abandon their brewery, and turned in lockstep to face him. The Herald drew his sword, still determined to carry out his mission.



The Miners, who had been forced to watch their Thunderer brothers be slaughtered by the Shades and Sha'kot, were determined to avenge them and charged at the Shades, roaring their fury. To their great surprise however, Sha'kot stood firm, drawing his blade and pointing it at them. If he was to die, he would die fighting and he would deny the Miners their access to the Shades.

Barak, hearing the sounds of battle from behind him, ordered his Warriors to make an about face. Unfortunately, there was confusion in the ranks, as some thought he wanted to pursue the Corsairs who had fled the field, and others thought he wanted to march to relieve the center. By the time the confusion was sorted out and the Dwarfs had made an about face, the opportunity to march towards to the Longbeard's defense had passed.

Well aware of their predicament, the Cannon wheeled about, desperately shoving the muzzle with black powder and the extra ammunition they'd been holding for the Thunderers. Turning it to face the Witch Elves just past the Shades, and lit the fuse. Unfortunately loading while turning turned out not to be the best combination and only a single Witch Elf was knocked off her feet.

Nearby, the Miners charged at Sha'kot, roaring in fury. Sha'kot leaped to meet them, drawing his blade as he prepared himself for a warrior's death. To his credit the Assassin managed to die on his feet, striking down three Dwarfs before being overwhelmed and slain. The Dwarfs pressed on, still determined to slay the Shades, but the Witch Elves were between them and their target and they weren't about to allow an enemy to get away.

On the right flank, the Black Guard pressed in and began hacking away, the holes in the Dwarven shieldwall beginning to show and the Dark Elves rage was unabated. Pushing in the holes created in their first attack, they swung their halberds left and right, and when they had finished five of the elder Dwarfs lay dead.

However, the Dwarfs hate fueled energy was beginning to wane and they were unable to press their earlier advantage to any great effect, only four of the Elves falling before their axes. Kraggi blew on the Silver Horn again, hoping to force the Elves away, but despite being badly outnumbered, they continued to press in, holding the Dwarfs in place.

The only battle that could truly be said to go in the Dwarf's favor was the last stand of the Herald. With his spear still stuck in the chest of the slain Thunderer, he was unable to keep the Dwarfs at bay and they swarmed over him, dragging him off his horse and chopping him to pieces before turning to face the center of the field again.


Turn 4:

Dark Elves:

The reason the Black Guard had been unwilling to break and allow the Dwarfs to reposition became clear as the Executioners came crashing through the forest, their great swords held high. A single one tripped over a tree root and fell unconscious on the ground but the rest were undeterred or even slowed and slammed into the Longbeard's flank.

The Shades, uninterested in the fate of the Witch Elves or the Miners rage, turned as a unit to face the single surviving Cannon, the last of the Dwarf's battery. Grinning they aimed their Repeater Crossbows at the crew and let loose. At such close range, they couldn't possibly miss and two of the crew members collapsed over their weapon. The last crew member dived beneath the Cannon to avoid the Shade's fire.

Nearby, the Witch Elves leaped eagerly into battle with the Miners, their long knives cutting through their armor surprisingly easily. The Dwarfs anger proved to be nothing against the Witch Elves drug induced fury, as they carved their way through nine of the Miners. The remaining Miners struck back, knocking down or killing four of the Witch Elves. The Witch Elves pressed in, expecting the badly outmatched Dwarfs to flee, but the Miners were not about to let the deaths of their fellows go unavenged and held.

The Executioners immediately proved that they had been worth holding the Longbeards in place for, as they carved into the Dwarfs, their huge heavy blades hacking through their armor like paper. When the Executioners were finished, six of the Dwarfs lay dead.

The Black Guard, reinvigorated by the arrival of the Executioners, joined them in hacking apart three of the Longbeards. The Dwarfs, having swiftly gone from being in control of the melee to outnumbered and outmatched, tried to fight back, striking down two of the Black Guard before attempting to flee. The few Black Guard nodded to the Executioners, who charged after the Dwarfs, running them down and hacking the few remaining to pieces, while the handful of Black Guard still alive turned and readied their halberds for the inevitable charge from the Dwarf Warriors.



Roaring with fury, Barak pointed his axe at the Black Guard, determined to avenger the death of his son. Despite being badly outnumbered, the Black Guard held their ground and raised their halberds, preparing for a last stand. The Thunderers briefly debated charging the Executioners who had pursued the Longbeards, but decided to stand their ground and let them come to them.

In preparation for their charge, the Thunderers raised their rifles and fired at them, but despite their close range, many of the shots went wide and only two of the Elves fell. The Cannon crewman tried to blast the Shades with his last round of grapeshot, but the Shades spread out nature meant all of the fire went wide.

In the center, the two melees were split. The remaining Miners had held their ground, but it turned out to be for naught as they were swiftly overwhelmed by the sheer unstoppable fury of the Witch Elves, and were torn to ribbons before they could strike back, the remaining Witch Elves turning towards center. On the other side of the Cannon, the few Black Guard still standing tried to hold their ground, but only managed to slay two of the Warriors before being overwhelmed.

In the center, Barak could feel the battle turning away from him. He wanted to turn his unit to attack the Executioners who had slain his son, but he realized that the Thunderers would be dead before they could reach them and that he would be exposing his men to attack from the by the Witch Elves and Shades. And so, with a heavy heart, he ordered the unit to turn about and face the left flank.


Turn 5:

Dark Elves:

Intending to press their advantage as much as possible, the Dark Elves swarmed in to finish off the weakened Dwarfs. The Shades charged into the cannon, intent on slaughtering the last crew members, while the Executioners charged up the hill towards the Thunderers. Both sets of Dwarfs held their ground, the Thunders firing off a series of desperate shots, killing two of the Executioners. The Witch Elves, meanwhile, swarmed in behind the Shades, trying to reach the Dwarf Warriors.

The melees went about as badly for the Dwarfs as they could. The Executioners raised their huge heavy swords and drove them into the Dwarfs, slaying seven of them before they could even draw their axes. The badly outnumbered Dwarfs were unable to strike back in any meaningful way, but their proximity to the Dwarven Brewhouse meant they refused to yield.

Across the field, the Shades easily hacked the single surviving crewmember to pieces and continued forward, smashing apart the cannon and charging into the Dwarf warriors.



With the only surviving remnants of the Dwarf army engaged in melee, all they could do was fight for their lives. The two remaining Thunderers tried to press in to battle the Executioners, but they were too fast and their blades too powerful, and they were swiftly butchered, the Elves turning about to face the center.

The battle in the center turned more to the Dwarfs advantage. Although the Shades managed to drive the Dwarfs briefly back, killing two of them, the Dwarfs retaliated brutally, killing six of the Shades. The single surviving Shade turned and fled. The Dwarfs ran after him, realizing too late it was bringing them directly onto the blades of the Witch Elves.


Turn 6:

Dark Elves:

Even as the Executioners marched back towards the center as fast as they could coming up behind the Dwarf Warriors, the Witch Elves shrieked with delight and rose to meet the Dwarfs. The Witch Elves' speed and the armor piercing qualities of their long knives went a long way toward giving them the advantage, and eight of the Dwarfs were cut to ribbons before they could even form up into a shieldwall.

The Dwarfs held firm and struck back, knocking back six of the Elves. The melee was closely tied, but neither side was willing to give ground.



All that remained of the Dwarf army were the Warriors in battle with the Witch Elves, surrounded by the Executioners. The Witch Elves pressed in, their rage unabated as they drove their blades into the gaps their enemy's armor. When they had finished six more of the Dwarfs lay dead.

Having hacked their way through no less than three different opponents before reaching the Witch Elves, the Dwarfs were running out of energy, and could only manage to slay three of the Dark Elves before breaking and running into the waiting blades of the Executioners. Despite the massive casualties they'd inflicted on the Elves, the Dwarfs had lost.


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Post Battle Thoughts:

...Well I fought this game back in March, wrote the report, got annoyed by the shift to Age of Sigmar and completely forgot about it. I found it again while making the shift to a new PC, so I figured I could just strip out the post and pre battle fluff and post it with some pictures. So I don't really have any thoughts on it, the game was quite a while ago. I remember enjoying it immensely though, as brutal and hard fought games are my absolute favorite, especially since I barely had any army left at the end. Hope it was a good read.

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Great read! Thanks for the report. I liked the little characterful bits you put in like the Medusa smiling after icing a dwarf. Nice writing style reminded me a bit about the old White Dwarf battle reports

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That's a great, characterful battle report - thanks for posting it. Makes me want to get back to playing some proper warhammer games.