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30-12-2015, 13:05
New Garro novella out: $50 for limited ed hardback (just like others) and now ebook version $30. I picked up the ebook and, while the page layout looks pretty close to how a trade paperback is formatted (I hope) it actually has almost 200 pages before an extract from Wolf King (another AMAZING HH novella) and standard license brickabrack.

Lowered print amount to 2,500 printed. Seems to show experience with the sweet spot to ensure they all sell. Was 4,000 then for Raven Guard stuff moved down to 3,000 and not sell out *as fast* so this seems like a good move. Between BaC, Pharos, Garro, and anthology next month my eyes, they are strained:)

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30-12-2015, 21:34
Unlike Wolf King, the ebook does not actually contain the artworks from the hardback. Wolf King was advertised as not having them, specifically, but ended up with them anyway. No such notice here.