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09-07-2006, 20:01
Ok, I don't understand the rank thing with space marines at all. lets assume we have a standard vanilla chapter, I would assume progression would follow this route:

Company Marine
Veteran (1st company)
Chapter master

This, however, confuses me a great deal, as it doesnt explain where scout sargeants come from, nor does it explain where distinctions are made between marines designated to go into reserve companies and those into main battle companies, and it confuses me a lot about other things.

Am I looking at this all wrong in terms of their being a standardised progression, or is there a standardised ranking system and I've gotten it wrong or what?

Rabid Bunny 666
09-07-2006, 20:08
Scout Sergeants come form the First company

09-07-2006, 20:21
I Though the reserve companies were made from the specialists, 9th company ( are they the devastators?) are all battle bros who prefer ranged warfare etc

09-07-2006, 20:34
Battle Brother
Squad Leader
Chapter Master

The companies are a matter of assignment, with more senior marines tending to be alotted to the battle companies whilst the newer battle brothers remain in the reserve. Obviously the 1st consists all Veterans and the 10th Novices, Initiates and their training personell (Sergeants and Veteran Sergeants assigned to lead and train).

Veterans are esentially senior holders of their position. Acts of uncommon bravery may result in the transfer to the 1st company and the awarding of Veterancy, command aptitude results in a promotion to squad leader followed by sergeant. As there are generally more than ten sergeants worthy of Veterancy, the rest gain the award but remin in service with their company.

Captains are chosen from the Veteran Sergeants, either in the 1st company or in the company with a vacancy. Generally the Captain of the 1st will be replaced by the transfer of a Captain from another company, one who has previously served with the 1st.

It is rare for a Chapter Master not to have been Captain of the 1st immediatley before assuming his current position. In some cases the Chapter Master is elected from amongst the various Captains, but even then the Captain of the 1st is almost always chosen.

09-07-2006, 20:51
I think it's pretty much been covered, the only thing that's ambiguous is where the sergeants come in.

I'd say it goes something like this:

Battle Brother
(either promoted to lead his own squad or assigned to another squad that lost its sergeant through battle or promotion. Personally, I think whether they lead a marine squad or a scout squad would be down to their choise or the decision of the chapter master, but have nothing to back it up. One could also argue that the leader a scout squad might be lower down the chain than leading a full squad)
Veteran Sergeant
(Logic here is that vet sergeants have terminator honours, therefore they've trained in terminator armour - only 1st company vets do this, so you must have a spell in the 1st co. before being a vet sarge)
Command Squad Sergeant
(No source for this, but I remember reading/hearing that the command squad sergeant is the effective 2nd in command of the company)
(reserve companies first? Or would the natural progression be to the Captaincy of your own company? I imagine each comapny being a bit insular and wanting to keep the command staff with them wherever possible).
(Master of the Marches/Ordnance/Fleet etc, basically a senior captain. Not a change in rank, but addition of further responsability)
Chapter Master