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07-01-2016, 23:21
As a new comer to WFB I've been watching a lot of bat. reps online in order to get a feel for the game, and to try and figure how best to select units that will best complement one another. With that being said, even after watching thousands of bat. reps that's still pretty difficult without getting stuck in for yourself. So I was wondering what you guys thought from your own experience were army builds that were super effective and what units in particular work well with others. I've added a link below to a Miniwargaming bat rep. in which the Empire player has (to me at any rate) developed some pretty effective synergy between the characters of his army;


Would be good to find out what tactics work well with your builds too.


08-01-2016, 01:18
Is this FOR Empire forces, or are you looking for any good unit combinations from across the army books?

08-01-2016, 10:44
No not necessarily, just whatever people have experience with would be cool. It's still useful from an opponents point of view to have an appreciation for what builds to look out for and how they might work best in order to try and mitigate against it.

Even if it's general, like what kind of unit types work best with each other, or what lores complement certain play styles, it's all good!

08-01-2016, 15:22
Hm, okay.

Well, Empire is actually kind of a difficult one. The lack of unit types and the distinction between "good" and "not" units through the book makes all of the examples I can think ones that are going to be very common.

-Warrior Priests with Halberds or Knights: This is probably the best unit/character synergy, providing very important benefit to Knights (who really only get one chance to do well, and who are relying on comparatively few attacks) and Halberdiers (who, thanks to their high total attacks get a lot out of the re-rolls). The Warrior Priest himself often doesn't do well in the Halberdier block, especially against elite enemy units, which leads to the War Altar.

-War Altar really improves the effectiveness of Warrior Priests and how well they work with units. Allowing your priest to also be your general, saving you those extra points you'd otherwise spend on a character choice for your General that doesn't give you any benefits, while ALSO extending the range of his Leadership bubble (and allowing him to give Hatred to units without having to expose himself to danger, and increasing the number of units targeted by Prayers). In addition, the speed limitation of him being on a Chariot allows him to keep perfect time with the Infantry group he's benefiting. Lastly, the bound spell the Altar gives him goes well with including other Lore of Light casters, which the army works well with.

-Engineers obviously benefit Warmachines, and especially Helblasters. In theory you'd want a unit of Handguns or such beside the Warmachine for the engineer to go into, to help protect him while he gives that benefit, but honestly it works better to just save the points and let him stand their by himself.

-Captains give the Hold the Line rule to units (just like Generals) and one can also be your BSB. Having one do both and putting him on the edge of a Halberdier horde (in range of the general) gets the most effect for the points.

-Demigryph Knights function perfectly fine alone, which actually means they work very well with the rest of the army as they are one of the few pieces in it that do not need constant support from other units.

Using the above as a guide, the core of the army builds itself fairly effectively, which is why well performing Empire forces are so similar in build.

08-01-2016, 17:01
Awesome, how would you try and deal with this kind of set up as the opposing player? In fact, generally speaking, how can you neutralize the impact of characters in your enemy's army? I've heard that some of the Magic Lores in particular lend themselves to taking out characters but if your force isn't magic centric e.g. Khorne themed WoC force, what else can you do besides beating them repeatedly in the face? I guess I'm specifically thinking of when you a character within an enemy unit e.g. the Warrior Priest example?

08-01-2016, 18:36
Well, if I'm using my Warriors against an Empire army like the one above, (besides hiding my daemon prince as best I can!) I'm looking to get into the combats that favour me, and to do that I'll need board control. This will be difficult as the Empire can exert serious board control with it's shooting (through Cannons, Helblasters and Banishment), which is why Chaos armies that had any success in 8th were built around speed and units that lose minimal effectiveness when taking damage.

My specific Chaos force would suffer mightily against an Empire army like the above. In theory, I'd want to use cheap and reslient units to go after Cannons (Warhounds), cheap and sacrificial units to shield my vulnerable Warriors from Helblasters (Warhounds) and cheap an expendable units to go after the Helblasters to put pressure on them (Warhounds) while also doing what I can to slow down and re-direct the units I don't want to fight with my Infantry, like the Demigryphs, with fast moving and expendable units (like Warhounds!). Hopefully that would let me get the units I want (like my warriors) into the combats I like (against Halberds)

As you can see from the above, in a non-standard 8th Chaos force I find Warhounds to have great synergy with the rest of the force. They give the army ways to try and plug the holes it has, and are cheap enough a few units can easily be fit in.

For a less common example of synergy, Ogres benefit greatly from Light Magic in an Empire army led by Leitpold the Black, which also happens to help the cavalry unit he needs to be run in.

Smooth Boy
08-01-2016, 19:28
For Empire go to www.warhammer-empire.com (http://www.warhammer-empire.com). In the parade ground section right at the top there is an 8th edition handbook that goes through every spell and unit in a great amount of detail as well as tactics and synergy. Excellent resource that even someone new to Warhammer can build a half decent Empire force, using it is another matter.

08-01-2016, 20:33
Interested to hear about other lists in addition to Empire but thanks for the info Smooth Boy, I'll check that out!