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Cpt. Drill
10-07-2006, 01:58
Hi me and some friends are starting up confrontation and I really like certain gobbos, I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me a few pointers on what to take or how to construct a force.

I must point out I have never played and am currently building a force on asthitics.

I really want to have the large goblin robot in my army as well as a pair of gas blowers and possibly some sharp shooters.

I mostley want to try and stay with a techno vibe and not stray too much into the heavy samuarai or mutant themes.

10-07-2006, 12:19
golborak will be too many points for small games.

you would be better off with a troll and some cheap goblins to start with.
this gives you a little force to begin with and give you a nice foundation for slowly building a larger force.

Cpt. Drill
11-07-2006, 00:06
Why would he be to many points?

Would it make my force too unbalanced or is he just not very good?

11-07-2006, 01:40
Theres always the pirate gobbo theme

course for the more mechanical theme I guess youd end up using mostly Strohm type stuff
as an alternative to GOlborak Id suggest becbunzen
he looks sorta like golborak lite

that and the old baron Ozohn

11-07-2006, 03:56
Cpt. Drill:
In Confrontation most games are only 300-500 points on average, and only half your points can be characters. Golborak is 225 plus any artifacts, which are added in his cost for the 50% max characters, so he is only usable in a 500pt game. He was more designed as a general for Ragnarok, the large scale game (1000+ points), and is what is referred to as a Living Legend in rank.
Add to that that damage in the game is based on a 2d6 roll, and if any double 6 is rolled for damage the target is automatically killed, so he could be punked by a lucky 5 point crunchy. Also, some of the Lion and Griffon elites can acquire sacred weapons that kill on any double damage roll (double 1, etc) which makes it riskier when fighting them. Although unlikely, its a risky move as you could quickly lose half your army in one hit. Either that, or wreak havoc on your enemies :) and have fun if/while it lasts.
Also there is an alternate stat card for him in the Goblin card pack at a cheaper cost, which allows you to use a weaker version of him with the same mini. Think of the card packs as a half dozen sub codexes (like Dark Angels through Black Templars under the Space Marine umbrella), with each card allowing you to make a specific "chapter" of goblins by paying +X points for new abilities for the troops in the army. One is themed with Golborak's clan.
As for army suggestions, nonmutant/asian...
Trolls are great, and I'd include one, from strongest to weakest they are; Red Troll (105 point killer), Black Troll (a 85 (?) pirate that rips peoples arms off on certain rolls) and a War Troll (69 point (?) with a 9 point upgrade to have a goblin on his back that people have to fight first when attacked from behind.
The Mountain Breaker is an expensive but fun cannon, and usually pays for itself.
Strohm Knights on foot or mounted on rats are good.
Sharpshooters are great.
Cheap goblins that tie up enemies while the elites do what needs to be done are great for delaying. I tied down a 100 pt Alchemist hero for 4 turns once with a 6 point gob with a lot of lucky rolls while the rest of my army ganged up on the other alchemists.
Hope that helps!

Cpt. Drill
11-07-2006, 14:15
Okay the list I have re made is!

Hoosu Uzo - 50 AP
- Miraculous Reprieve - 11 AP (Miracle; Universal Litany)
- Cleaver of Destiny - 8 AP (Miracle; Litany of Destiny)
- Mark of Blood - 8 AP (Miracle; Litany of Destiny)
- Devotion - 8 AP (Major Virtue)
- Perseverance - 8 AP (Major Virtue)
(93 AP)

Golgoth Prototype - 55 AP (the downgraded version of Golborak)

2x Goblin Sharpshooters - 22 AP ea. or 44 AP total

2x Goblin Gas Blowers - 20 AP ea. or 40 AP total

4x Strohm Warriors - 18 AP ea. or 72 AP total

That makes it 249 AP

Now I have a few grunts a bit of shooting and all are models that I love!

So what should I add to make my force better? Also Would it be worth adding the black rats upragrade to my marksmen as that was the theme I was looking at.