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22-01-2016, 14:30
Hi, I'm after a bit of advice. As the thread title suggests I'm starting Necrons and am wondering where is a good place to start? As a bit of background, I have been a Guard and Chaos Marine player for the past 20 years and feel I need to broaden my horizons a little bit. I've got the itch to start a Necron force and as my main opponent is Space Marines and soon to be Eldar, what in your opinion are the best units to field?

I've been looking at the 'Start Collecting! Necrons' box set and wondered if it is a good place to start? To me, it looks like it is lacking some punch so maybe Wraiths or Lychguard could help? I also like the look of Deathmarks but am unsure if they are effective? Any help/advice would be greatfully received.

22-01-2016, 15:15
I'm in the 'exact' same boat! chaos for 20 years and just started necrons! (see sig).

Way i see it is the decurion detachment in the book is pretty competitive so i'v based my list on that. Wraiths and destrpyers are pretty good too and you need a bit of anti flyer so heres the 1850 i'v pretty much settled on:

Decurion Detchment
Reclamation Legion
Overlord 150
Void Reaper, Phase Shifter, Phylactery

10 Necron Warriors 130
Gauss Flayers

10 Necron Warriors 130
Gauss Flayers

5 Lychguard 150
Hyperphase Swords, Dispersion Shields

Night Scythe 130
Twin-linked Tesla Destructor

5 Immortals 85
Gauss Blasters

Night Scythe 130
Twin-linked Tesla Destructor

5 Tomb Blades 105
Twin-Linked Gauss Blasters, Shadowloom, Shield Vanes

Canoptek Harvest
Canoptek Spyder 50

5 Canoptek Wraiths 215
Whip coils

3 Canoptek Scarabs 60

Destroyer Cult
Destroyer Lord 155
Warscythe, Veil of Darkness

3 Destroyers 120
Gauss Cannons

3 Destroyers 120
Gauss Cannons

3 Destroyers 120
Gauss Cannons

Everything is pretty durable, fast and mobile in parts to get objs and a boat load of gauss to glance stuff to death on 6's plus some decent anti flyer from the night scythes

This blog is a pretty good read:

as is the necron tactics thread in the tactics section of Warseer.

Asura Varuna
22-01-2016, 15:41
Good luck with starting your new army!

How competitive is your local scene/ regular opponents? Necrons are a powerful army with some extremely strong formation bonuses. Against a lot of weaker books - Orks, CSM, Dark Eldar etc even a seemingly casual Necron list can be pretty overwhelming. You mentioned you'll be playing against Eldar and Space Marines - arguably the top 2 or at least 2 of the top 3 books in the game at the moment. Do you know what sort of lists your opponents play, or intend to play? If you're against people who want the best of the current netlists, you might consider doing the same to even the playing field. If you're against players who field casual or fluffy lists you're going to want to be fielding softer lists containing sub-par choices.

From my experience with Necrons though, there's not really a lot of room within the Decurion to move from hideously OP to fluffy and casual. The formation is oppressively powerful and lots of factions simply can't deal with it. So I suppose that's really the first point of call - do you want to run a Decurion list? It greatly limits your options and forces you into some tight structured builds, like the one Latro has given. CAD offers more flexiblity and gives you a chance to field a weaker list. Additionally, the CAD can really help with fielding specific units you like in the combinations you want.

22-01-2016, 15:45
aye sorry my list is on the beardy side, i just assumed since he was playing chaos he was thinking about venturing into something a bit more KA-POW. Asura makes good points, nothing much in the necron codex is actually bad (maybe the monolith and super heavy oblesik).

Even with a normal CAD you can make some nice lists, I see a lot of wraiths, lych guard deathstar, syders and crypteks in cad.

Re what to get, i'd just grab a box of warriors to paint first... should give you a direction on paint scheme.

22-01-2016, 18:25
If you have friends getting "Started" boxes, too, the Necron box is not bad. The Formation it provides is actually quite mean, but puts a huge target on the Lord.

I started with two Battle Forces, a Lord, two Tomb Blade boxes, and a lucky trade of a Nightbringer for Vanguard Jump Packs and bits. That is a good start for a basic Cad or a Decurion.

I got a Cryptek and a couple Uniques Characters I like the look and story of, after that, and then wanted a punch Choice. I could have gotten a Wraith and Spyder box for a Canoptek Harvest (Scarabs come on the Warrior sprues), but I like Praetorians too much, so I am building a basic Judicator Batallion first. Just need to get a Stalker.

Two final notes, you do not have to build for a Decurion, but it is a good guide for directing your collection. Also, the bits in the Praetorians/Lychguard box do not take much to make into plastic Lords and Crypteks, and a lot cheaper per model!

23-01-2016, 09:45
I got the necron starter box and.
2 boxen of immortals
1 box of warriors
1 box of wraithts
That a good start for me. I ts about 1000pts.
The tactica on warseer is good to read as latro said.