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25-01-2016, 12:00
Quick reads leading up to new stories on Friday. Already published but now in e-book. Then new stories are, well, new:) I'm wondering if these are Patience and Speak Not by James Swallow. I'm stoked for those! :)

25-01-2016, 17:07
Likely most of them will be prose versions of audio dramas, like Wolf Hunt, Grey Angel, Burden of Duty and such.

25-01-2016, 17:30
Oh I hope not.

25-01-2016, 18:51
They only said that Friday will see a new story, by James Swallow.

Every day until Friday, we'll be bringing you a tale of Malcador and his grey-armoured warriors, including, on Friday, something brand new by James Swallow, author of the Garro tales.

Yeah, it'll be good to have ebook prose versions, but really, there is 3 more known stories to come before then.

My predictions:

Wolf Hunt by Graham McNeill (sequel to The Outcast Dead, prequel to Vengeful Spirit)
The Sigillite by Chris Wraight

Then there's also:

The Watcher by C Z Dunn
Grey Angel by John French
Burden of Duty by James Swallow
And the whole Garro drama series.

26-01-2016, 09:49
And we have Sigillite.

26-01-2016, 16:10
Check the Reading Order page:

Wolf Hunt has an ebook cover instead of audio drama now. There's also a new listing for "Ghosts Speak Not & Patience"

After years stranded in the solar system, the last loyal Death Guard are finally given a way to serve the Emperor...

No idea what they've done to the covers on there though. Massive oversaturation issues.

26-01-2016, 22:25
Tomorrow is Grey Angel, Thursday is Wolf Hunt, and Friday is Ghosts Speak Not & Patience.