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10-07-2006, 14:55
Would anyone happen to know of an Army Roster sheet that could be filled out on one's computer and then printed (such as a PDF that can be typed in)? I fear that way will be the only way I'll get something approaching legible, and as I'm hoping to play tomorrow and have a trip to get ready for, I don't exactly have time to whip up anything in Excel myself.

I already have all of the points values worked out, but as my self-made format for building armylists in Excel is only for the actual make-up (i.e., 5 Initiates with Bolters, Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun, 3 Neophytes with BP+CCW, 2 Neophytes with Shotguns, Frag Grenades, Crusader Seals for one of my squads), upgrades, and points values, it doesn't have any quick reference points that I can put stats and notes on like "+1S versus Vehicles" for my Venerable Dreadnought and Terminator Squad. Thus, I'm mainly looking for something that help me avoid having to constantly look in the Codex and Rulebook while playing.

Overlord Krycis
10-07-2006, 15:02
Why not just make up one in Word...thats what I do and it seems to work ok..
Make a table and resize as needed...hey presto! Army list.

10-07-2006, 15:23
Like I said, I'm a bit pinched for time at the moment, and aside from a 3.5-hour drive to my hotel tomorrow for the job training I have to do Wednesday and Thursday, it's a 45-minute drive from there to the Games Workshop store, and I have to deal with various stuff today such as taking a transcript of the trial for an accident I was in back in May to my insurance company so that I can get my rates lowered back to what they should be, and various preparations for my trip (not to mention putting the finishing touches on my Black Templars).

I probably should have done my own last week, but I just now thought about it.

BTW, where do you get those animated 40k avatars that I've seen all over the forum?

10-07-2006, 18:14
Use Army Builder (http://www.wolflair.com/). The demo version only lets you work with three units at a time, but you can save it to a text file, so just copy and paste the three part entries into a main list, adding notes as needed (although you can also output as an HTML file, which includes the statline and more detailed notes, but you can't combine those if working with the demo).

10-07-2006, 18:37

Credit given to the guys at adeptus windy city: http://www.adeptuswindycity.com/

Luna de hierro
10-07-2006, 19:01
Lyinar, send me your e-mail and iŽll pass you the old Army Roster Sheet that used to be available in GW-UK.