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04-03-2016, 19:36
Had an interesting discussion with a gaming buddy earlier today and I think it would be fun to discuss it here. Whether you have played WHFB or KoW before, how do you envision a battlefield in AoS and set up the table with terrain to represent this? A new "world" brings neW opportunity for those of us who love the whole visual experience of the battle unfolding before our eyes. So to kick it off here's a few points to guide us below, so please do chime in. :)

What Realm is the battle in?

How will you be deploying for the battle, as in set-up?

Will you use the terrain rules of amount of terrain pieces and the D6 role for terrain type?

Aesthetically what look would you like to convey? If you have older fantasy terrain, go for the grassy fields or a town? Did you buy or make new AoS terrain? Trying something completely new themed on one of the realms?

is there an action in the narrative of your battle (beyond crushing your enemy, seeing him driven before you and hearing the lamentation of the women) such as defending or seizing a Realm Gate to push through?

Any other considerations? Perhaps you have a display board for your army and any pool side points or summoning models to link with your battlefield.

Our very first AoS games were WHFB set ups basically because that's all there was at the time. I've played some really enjoyable games with terrain as an objective to Battle over in the realms, the best with realm of life I think with lush forest...everywhere:)

The coolest use of AoS setup though was a battle from the Fyreslayers battletome. It was field's lair and the table was set up like a video game where the attcker (Fyreslayers here) set up outside the table divided into 4 squares and the enemy divided up his force, which is considerably larger than the attacker for this scenario, over the four square sections, the general is in the last section with a big wall blocking it off so you have to go around through squares 1-3 to dig the fiend out. Once I got into each square the opponent deploys the portion of his force allocated to that square (decided before the game starts and not a secret) at least 12" away from any attacker forces. Knowing what I know now next time I play this, vs. undead or not(really doesn't mater, it's a cool fun scenario) I'm taking the runesmiter to tunnel through our own lodge's ancient tunnel with some Hearthguard Berzerkers and popping up for a surprise visit;)

So please, share! Also, what terrain do you hope GW releases, or another terrain maker? Steve from Holy Wars built a floating waterfall island. Check out HolyWars AoS tournament that was last weekend and see what inspiration you find there.

05-03-2016, 10:03
My terrain collection and board set-up centres thematically around my two main armies, Dwarfs & Elves.
So it contains quite a few ruin pieces.
The new occulum & arch pieces fitted in quite well there.
Though I haven't picked up either the dragonfate dais or realm gate, as I can't quite buy in on the 'floating' pieces yet.

Pieces I'd like to get hold of include the old FW, 54mm, Gilead model. I'd like to paint it up as a statue amongst some Elven Ruins.
I'm also really keen to get hold of the RoB tiles we keep seeing in the photo's. Surely these must be near at hand!

05-03-2016, 10:06
That's awesome! I need to make more dwarf terrain for AoS now. Sounds like you could do a fun game or campaign stretching from memories/echoes from the old world to mortal realms. Maybe a battle lost in the realms, using your AoS piece.

Darth Alec
05-03-2016, 19:27
I actually use the rules chart. Just a nice simple way of doing it. Helps that my club has a huge set of terrain. Though it's mostly 40k stuff, we avoid the overtly sci-fi material. Then we roll on the mysterious terrain chart. I feel like it's a must. Has a huge effect on some matches. We also use the "real" terrain whenever someone brings a realmgate.

05-03-2016, 19:35
.yeah, that mystical terrain has won me two games, once from bonus and other from opponent's beatstick rolling a one and being befuddled. The duardin took advantage of that blunder.

i actually want to start using the chart again with my runemaster with his magma terrain trick in the hero phase. Could be helpful in the extreme cases when terrain or the units in terrain matter.