View Full Version : Space marine mini titan project

10-07-2006, 17:00
after seing mat noupa's knight titan i have started work on making my own for my dark angels. I know it isnt fluffy as only the admech have titans but my dark angels is a bit different as it will use old technoligy to use as current tech such as jetbikes instead of normal bikes (same rules), this will act as a warhound.

Anyway so far all iv done is the head made from a sentinal and a ravenwing biker.


waiting for other parts to arrive in the mail, should be tomorrow.

10-07-2006, 17:36
Perhaps paint them in a pre heresy colourscheme (black) and say they are a pre heresy force which would have the fancy equipment.

10-07-2006, 18:24
yup i plan to use the old colour scheme, except from having the red eyes they normally have im going to use goblin green instead, looks spookier. for the titan i am hopeful i can make it have a sort of sycthe as a cc weapon rather than a big chainsword but that is if it can be done well.

Il proxy it as a warhound with a plasma blastgun and vulcan mega bolter with arms that are interchangeable