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09-03-2016, 18:30
My oldest brother and I talked a month or 2 ago about doing a fundraiser. His wife is part of an organization that helps kids with special needs. The goal is to help function better in life, communicate well with others, and be active. It hits home for us because my youngest brother has autism, and hado been through this organization. Ever since then, my family has been involved with the organization (Special Kids Therapy, if anyone wanted to know the name), helped out with similar programs, and provided services to those like my youngest brother.

What does this have to do with 40k? What my brother suggested was to hold a fundraising 40k tournament. Ran just like a regular tournament, but raising money while we're at it. However, we need some advice and tips. We're still in very early stages, so we haven't gone beyond our discussion. I didn't know if anyone on here had ever put anything like what we're talking about, and had a successful turnout. Anything would be helpful at this point. So let me know and I'll bring it up to him. Thanks guys.

09-03-2016, 18:56
I ran a small tourney in aid of an animal shelter a few years ago, this is what I learned.

The biggest thing about the tournament is to generate interest. Advertise ahead of time on social media, LGS etc but not too far ahead of time. Best to start doing so about a month in advance. Include the charity you are raising money for and people will feel invested if they participate.

Don't be afraid to talk to your LGS about the possibility of prize support. It may lend some more incentive for people to sign up.

Try and organise the day ahead of time, including things like the length of games, lunch breaks, winner's announcement, funds raised etc. If this is well managed, people are more likely to have fun.

Most of all, make sure people have fun! Should be easy enough.

That's the basics of what I learned, there is more but that should cover a basic tournament. Best of luck with your tourney!

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10-03-2016, 00:39
Get in touch with the charity. Lots of them will give you a pack and guidance. There's a ton of advice on google.

For a venue you might find that people are prepared to give you cheaper deals if it's for charity.

As well as the tournament itself you could do stuff like a raffle to raise more money for the charity. Maybe your FLGS can give some stuff as raffle prizes, or you could get people to contribute time for something like painting lessons.

I would recommend more than a month in advance to promote a tournament. Probably more like 3 months. And you'll certainly have to plan it at least that far in advance to find a suitable venue.

10-03-2016, 01:53
Get in touch with the charity.
Definitely this. I just had lunch with a friend of mine who was on the board of a charity, and she related a story about a fundraising opportunity for kids that the organization wouldn't put their name to for a variety of reasons (but mostly because it was taking place in a strip club. The donation still happened, but the signage at the event didn't include the organization's name and definitely did not include a photo op of the check handover at the club with the organization's Executive Officer). Even barring that sort of quirky thing, they may want to have some say over the who/what/where for legal liability purposes, and what sort of paperwork needs to happen at all.