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The Lundenburg
15-03-2016, 02:07
I have done a bit of reading but its as lot to take in all at once. I am interested in starting a mono-god Chaos daemon army and wondering which god's selection of units is the best for making a mono army.

15-03-2016, 02:35

Oh, I could go on about the rapturous pleasures of the old Diaz sculpts, with their delicate elegant balance, their magnificent crafting from that finest of materials that is pewter - so strong and firm and dominant, yet so malleable and flexible to the right touch - and their dark majestic beauty that still haunts hobbyists even now decades after they were released (there are the latest ones of course, but once one has known the caressing allure of the 3rd edition 40k Daemonettes, nothing quite compares). I could go on about the joys of honing your painting and modelling to glorious perfection to the point where any tabletop opponent would be driven insane with envy and obsession. But the truth is I don't need to, because you already know why you're going to want to pledge allegiance to the Lord of Excess. Deep down, in the private recesses of the very darkest pits of your innermost soul, you already feel the desire to submit your hobby time mind, body and soul to the Prince of Chaos. That primal lust that pulls at you, that has every inch of you screaming to throw away all inhibition, to wantonly indulge in each and every temptation that besets you and revel in the sensational bliss that it brings, the exhilarating freedom of total freedom - freedom of such feeble illusions as morality, decency and modesty, the freedom to partake of whatever pursuit or art that you desire in the name of pleasure. The secret yearning to splurge on an army of lithe and beautifully deadly supernatural killers that leave the opposing army longing for more even as they're violently slaughtered to a man. The desire to flaunt your amazingly painted Slaaneshi army in sheer naked defiance of GW's shameful attempt to hide the ecstatic resplendence of the Dark Prince, to show Slaanesh's true glory to innocent new hobbyists ripe for corruption, so that the followers of Slaanesh never truly die out no matter how hard AoS tries. Oh sure, other posters on here will suggest other gods instead, but they only really say that because they secretly want those delectable early 2000s era Slaanesh models all for themselves!

So consider other Daemon armies if you wish, tease yourself with such notions if it pleases you. But we both know that deep down inside, you know you want to collect a Slaanesh army.

Plus they have a lot of emphasis on speed and manoeuvrability, so that can be pretty fun.

(Just in case it wasn't clear, that opening spiel was meant to be in-character and is not entirely representative of my views. Except for liking Slaanesh out of the Chaos Gods. Slaanesh is probably my favourite one alongside Tzeench. Oh and the parts about the Diaz sculpts, they are my favourite Slaaneshi daemon models.)

EDIT: Whoops, forgot this was about 40k. I've altered the more serious recommendation accordingly.

Losing Command
15-03-2016, 03:44
There's also the Screamerstar, which can be done with only tzeentch units but that probably won't make you many friends. 2++ re-rollable invulnerable saves just are not that fun to play against, though I guess Eldar can handle it now when spamming their str D weapons enough.

The Lundenburg
15-03-2016, 03:57
Haha its more of a casual thing than a ruin friendship thing.

15-03-2016, 04:10
Nurgle is by far the most fun to play to me, and it has a variety of units that can be sort of ok at everything. I just love them nurglings no matter how useless they are.

Snake Tortoise
15-03-2016, 09:00
I don't want to choose one god here but it's quite a good time for all mono-god builds now KDK makes mono-Khorne viable

15-03-2016, 09:32
Depends on your meta of course. If you play games at 2500 you can actually make use of the new daemon detachment. At that point even Khorne can be attractive!

I think Tzeentch is the only mono-build with the versatility you need for a take-all-comers list simply because it can summon units from the other gods to suit the situation. For a competitive list stick to horrors, fateweaver, screamers and disc-heralds for your core and add things to suit your taste. Princes if you like the flying circus build, Soul Grinders if you like diversity ("Hey I have guns too!") With the new psychic table and artifacts you can pretty reliably summon some situationally good units, shoot psychic D-weapons, and cause your opponents to rage-quit over your 32 warp charges per turn!

Khorne is terrible. Just terrible. Flesh hounds work in nearly every list and the Bloodthirster of Insensenate Rage can work in specific lists. I personally love a kitted out herald on a juggernaut but if you want mono-khorne you may be better off with Daemonkin who have better versions of the hounds (fearless) and don't lose much on their thirster (daemonic rewards/artifacts) and both of which will likely be further improved by having feel no pain the entire game. Heralds are the big loser in the Daemonkin book.

Nurgle is quite solid and can bring speed with the toughness. The most frequent complaint I hear (and personally have) is the lack of a cavalry option for the herald. No one cares about the lack of chariot, but not being able to have a herald keep pace with his units is sad. The beasts of nurgle are good but overpriced and the models are attrocious. On the other hand the plague drones are completely awesome in every way. Nurgle prince is scary, effective and has a fun model. Tau is such a hard counter to shrouded but the new formations can actually be fielded for a halfway reasonable price in mono-Nurgle. Some of the best artifacts and powers in the new book are Nurgle. And the forgeworld line of nurgle models is pretty spectacular.

Agreed on Kakapo's sentiments regarding slaanesh. If your meta is flier heavy or rife with 2+ saves then Slaaensh is your guy-and/or-girl. Oh and +1 - their current daemonette sculpt is just terrible. I still haven't forgiven Phil Kelly for what he did to fiends of slaanesh. And they definitely got the short end of the stick with the new artifacts and psychic powers. Whips of Agony looked so good for the first three minutes...then you get to the bottom of the page and... :eyebrows: :confused: :wtf: :mad:

15-03-2016, 14:25
I am a DoS collector, and the big initial decision you need to make is regarding what daemonettes you should base the army around.

Frankly, the current GW plastic daemonettes are fiddly, fragile and possess armour that often doesn't circumnavigate the model (thus leaving you having to "guess" where to paint the edges). Even after navigating these complications, the final miniatures are, in my opinion, extremely lacking in dynamism - they're just kind of loitering around.

The "Diaz" sculpts are a far superior, if costly, archetype to build the army around. They are dynamic - especially the seekers - and seem to be most people's preferred option. However, some players use Raging Heroes's Preying Mantis range.

The older GW ranges - namely the "tiny pincers" from the 1980's and "massive pincers" from the 1990's - have aged pretty badly IMHO. To cut a long story short, Diaz all the way...

The Lundenburg
16-03-2016, 00:42
Appreciate all the feed back! we generally play between 1000 - 1850 pts depending on time restraints. My opponents are Necron, space wolves, tau, grey knights. Was leaning towards nurgle ( i love biomancy and Toughness bonuses) but I wanted to hear more about tzeench and slaneesh. I agree with the sad looking daemonettes, I hate when GW overlooks old terrible models in favour of something that has had a recent upgrade (where is my new dante/meph?).

16-03-2016, 04:54
For survivability, Nurgle hands down. Shrouded goes a long way in ruins. Beast and drones are fast, have high toughness, and lots of attacks. Defensive grenades have 2 purposes. Nothing like dropping a opponents WS BS down to 1 before an assault. The DP is very lethal with a Balesword. Biomancy, Daemonology and the Nurgle powers are quite nice. Only drawback is a lack of shooting. Soulgrinders work well. Get the forgehost and they are even better.

17-03-2016, 16:24
I think Tzeentch is one of the nastiest mono daemon armies, but Tzeentch Space Marines aren't as good.
Both Nurgle daemons and Space Marines are good, especially t6 Nurgle biker lists.

However, Khorne Daemon Kin has some of the best synergy between units and formations in the game. On paper the army doesn't look as nasty as it is on the table. It's also a very forgiving list if you make a mistake in gameplay or even your army build because the codex is so strong.

27-03-2016, 17:32
I haven't played daemons before but I am looking to putting together a tzeentch-heavy army. Not really interested in the screamerstar but in casting psychic powers everywhere with a ton of warp charge.

I've only recently come back to 40k and my first real 7th edition game was with all of two eldar warlocks being the only psykers in my army but I really enjoyed the mechanics of the psychic phase. So I imagine this is going to be fun with so many psykers.

28-03-2016, 06:10
I thought Matt Ward was the greatest of all chaos gods??

28-03-2016, 23:24
Slaanesh of course. He (she) is eating the whole Eldar race by himself. :)

Smooth Boy
30-03-2016, 02:11
Has to be Slaanesh, the most underrated of all the gods. Opponents appreciate the road less travelled.