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15-03-2016, 03:30
I have been reading about Uriel Ventris and what Ultramarine life is like as a youth. It has lead me to some questions though. There are mentions of agiselus barracks. I understand that this where a lot of children go to learn in a military style format. However are there are barracks around ultramar or on macragge itself? Also what is the lifestyle like there? Do the children go home to their parents or is it similar to boarding school?

My next train of thought is in relation to macragge itself. What does the human population there do, or is there none? There must be cities where people can survive because there are mentions from when guilliman conquered them. Finally how have these human recovered or been impacted from hive fleet behomoth

Rogue Star
15-03-2016, 11:54
I imagine the barracks are situated around Ultramar. Training probably continues on Macragge itself but the Ultramarine's fortress was designed to hold a large portion of their Legion strength, so I doubt they lack the facilities to continue training there. The barracks are likely to help, since Ultramar is a larger, more civilized stellar realm, separate the wheat from the chaff - a hundred youths selected from the region, the barrack instructors task is to narrow it down to ten or such, depending on recruitment drives. Lifestyle-wise, I imagine it's like a boarding school, no visits or returning home, but I imagine the youths are all there voluntarily, competing for the honor to join the Ultramarine's Chapter, and any that don't make the cut or choose, can leave and be returned to their homes (some Chapters are much more harsh).

Macragge has a small population, but the planet is over 75% bleak mountains upland entirely devoid of life. Guilliman conquer a "mountainous area called Illyrium" a barbarous land inhabited by bandits and brigands in the north. I doubt Behemoth made much impact on the human natives of Macragge, given Inquisitor Kryptman brought an early warning, I'd hope they'd gather up all non-combatants and move them to the Ultramarine's fortress until the crisis was over.

16-03-2016, 17:28
Wasn't there old fluff about staging Olympic style events for potential recruits?

16-03-2016, 19:20
Wasn't there old fluff about staging Olympic style events for potential recruits?
Yes, I remember they were one of the few legions whose recruiting didn't involved massive bloodbaths.