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10-07-2006, 19:05
This is only an army for freeplay, not tournaments, and I wan't to know if it will work out in tournaments, it is better to ask here instead of counitng myself, the reason is because I'm not good at count armies so good. But Iäm not always bad.

Aragorn, King Elessar-260 pts
Boromir, Captain of the white tower, w/ The Banner-225 pts
Faramir, Captain of Gondor, w/ heavy armour-75 pts
Gandalf the White-220 pts
Captain of Minas Tirith-50 pts
Damrod, Ranger of Ithilien-20 pts
King of Men, 4x-220 pts

Total points of Heroes-1070 pts

WoMT w/ Swords, 12x-96 pts
WoMT w/ Bows, 16x-128 pts
WoMT w/ Spears, 14x-112 pts
WoMT w/ Banners, 1x-33 pts
KoMT, 6x-78 pts
Ranger of Gondor, 7x-56 pts
Citadel Guard, w/ Longbow, 3x-30 pts
Citadel Guard, w/ Spears, 6x-54 pts
Avenger Bolt Thrower, w/ 2 engineers, FA and SR, 2x-134 pts

Total points of Warriors-688 pts

Total points 1758 pts.

So my question was if this army will be good for a tournament and if it is a good army to play free games. And of course if I have counted rigth. All uppgrades are caounted. This is a big army, I know but I wan't to buy the new Box set, Defenders of Minas Tirith and then it is only a few Blizard sets left. You can also change some things if you wan't to.

10-07-2006, 20:27
Well a match of this size will take a very long time to play. I don't think there is a current tournament of this size unless you are making your own. You will also find that keeping track of all your captains might will and fate will be difficult.

I'd say no, the army is not good for free games because it's too big, but that is just my opinion.

In regard to tournaments, my immediate reaction is you may be relying too heavily on heroes. An opposing goblin force will greatly outnumber you and bring down your warriors quite quickly. However, I'm not used to single armies on this scale so don't take my comments as gospel.

10-07-2006, 23:39
It is themed, well done.

But most people tend to play up to a maximum of 750 points or so for pitched battle type affairs. But may I suggest scenario type battles work better in LOTR?

How about make up a force led by Boromir, inlcuding a few WoMT, and Faramir with some of his trusty rangers. Themed around the retaking of Osgiliath. Alternatively, why not try a Aragorn with Citadel Guard and Faramir with his rangers. The theme for this could be Elessar is ambushed in Ithilien by remnants of Sauron's armies (orcs/Easterlings/Haradrim) and must last a number of turns before Faramir and his rangers arrive.

11-07-2006, 11:35
Yes I have thought about if it's to big, but sometimes I play that big games. For example I have around 80 uruks, 1 cave troll and a few heroes. That's my biggest army I have rigth now. That's why I whant to make the Gondor army bigger so I can make the armies equal to their points, but you are quite right about it's size. I might make the army a bit smaller.

Yes, scenario type battles works too but I'm not playing that types very much. I like all your suggestions so I might buy the hole army and split it to small armies.

You can still come and write your oppinions. It's fun to have something to do on the Internet:D