View Full Version : Need ideas for a simple thunderwolf lord kitbash..

31-03-2016, 19:53
So, I want to make a thunderwolf riding wolf lord for my space wolves, But I want him to look a bit diferent from the regular thunderwolf cavalry, While kitbashing him using plastic kits.. I have a box of Thunderwolf Cavalry to use as the base for my lord.. But.. I'm bad at kitbashing and figuring out what looks good, So I dont realy have any ideas on how to kitbash a nice looking wolf lord.. So, I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me..?

31-03-2016, 20:05
Well how extreme do you want to go? What are you looking at equipping him with? Luckily most space marine parts are interchangeable so it gives you a wide selection of pieces to work with.

31-03-2016, 20:11
Well, I dont want anything complicated with greenstuff or lots of cuttinga nd reposing or anything such, I'm not very good at doing things like that at all, Just a simple kit bash, Something that looks good and looks a bit diferent from a regular thunderwolf cavalry.. And as for equipping him, I'm not sure.. Thinking some melee weapon and a storm shield mayhaps, My regular thunderwolf cavalry have storm shields and frost swords most of the time (Storm shield for survivability, And Frost Swords as they can handle most foes.. Considerd maybe giving them axes..) The Wolf Lord should be able to outmatch the regular cavalry though..

Sorry for not quite knowing what I want..

31-03-2016, 20:13
If you could somehow get the wolf cape from the terms pack fit on him, on the wolf, that could look awesome. As was said I'd just kit bash some stuff from other marine forces, though SW have some good kit options as is. I wish maces were better, as they look awesome.

Thunder hammers waste the high init of the lord, but look cool and are powerful, swords are meh, but krakenbone sword is great on a lord if your doing standard space wolf. I'll drop more ideas later, let me think.

01-04-2016, 00:16
Well depending on what you want.

There have been many different capes that have been released from the space wolf upgrade pack to the space marine commander. There are others from other ranges and 3d party makers.

Same with weapons. The vanguard box has a nice assortment of plastic weapons. Quick hand cut off and reglue of a pistol arm works or you can use one from the vanguard box. 3d party has a tone of great kits again.

For storm shield the side shields on the Stormwolf are the right size and probably could be made to work.

If we had a better idea of what you wanted or any specific things you wanted to add we could be of more help. But good luck with it.

01-04-2016, 08:34
If you want him to really stand out you a joule pose him leaping over a giant onion. Casual onlookers would think it's a boulder but the ones in the know would appreciate the many layers of subtlety.

01-04-2016, 09:00
I dont think you can get the capes to work without very heavy cutting and modification, Since he is sitting on a thunderwolf mount.. I just dont know how to make him, I dont have any ideas myself, I just want him to look good, And diferent from the regular thunderwolf cavalry despite being made from the same box.. But I am not able to do extreme modifications with lots of cutting and greenstuffing and such, So I'd want a simple kitbash that looks good.. I'm not sure what weapon to give him.. I'm thinking maybe a Frost Sword, Or maybe a Frost Axe.. Combined with a Storm Shield..