View Full Version : Any Alternate Earthshaker Emplacements?

09-04-2016, 04:29
Hey guys! So looking for alternate emplacements for the basilisk or Earthshaker cannons, something stationary like the old cruciform platform forgeworld used to make but maybe more fortified like concrete or sandbags? And ideas?

The Black Shield
09-04-2016, 04:59
I think Maximini has one, but they no longer have a picture of it on their site even thought they still sell it. Here is a link. http://maxmini.eu/heavy-weapons/siege-gun-heavy

09-04-2016, 06:52
Take a look at the field artillery for Bolt Action. You may find something you like in there.

09-04-2016, 06:55
I would of done a single post, but whenever I go to do that it errors out and deletes my message. I would also suggest 54 mm artillery because if I remember correctly the gun was rather massive. So a repurposed gun/mount with some guardsmen might work out all right.

http://www.battlefieldlegendstoysoldiers.com/store.php/battlefieldlegends/pd4789267/_new_wwii_german_artillery_gun_crew_with_88_cannon _4_piece_set

09-04-2016, 07:36
If you don't mind a little bit of conversion work I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to make one by combining the Earthshaker components from a Basilisk kit and an appropriate fortification (I'm sure there'd be plenty of bunkers or sandbag constructs out there with all the Second World War themed wargames and models out there).

09-04-2016, 07:50
Presuming you'll be using the gun from the Basilisk kit, scratch-building a simple 'steel' pivot mount on a 'concrete' emplacement would be the cheapest option, and not especially difficult to build from plasticard.

10-04-2016, 22:02
I just used flyer bases and green-stuff sandbags, nothing at all complitcated. Just plunked the trimmed Earthshaker down, sandbags, white glue + sand and gravel. Super easy


11-04-2016, 19:56
Beppo those look pretty good! I remember a whole back a member here was casting concrete emplacements for earth shakers as well wonder what happened to him

11-04-2016, 20:13
Those got done... check SDKFZ or Col Jacka's project logs, or pm them since project logs are in a shambles now after the blackouts.

11-04-2016, 21:06
21st Century Toys 1/32 scale Long Tom looks the part. I don't have any pictures, but there was a gentleman at last years Adepticon that had one.