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The Inevitable One
14-04-2016, 05:47
Is there any particular reason why the remaining Craftworlds aren't sticking together in a tight-knit group to avoid being outnumbered? I'm sure that there have been a number of cultural norms that have changed between them since the inception of Slaanesh's birth, but I don't see that as a major reason to split up and journey into the dark alone.


Rogue Star
14-04-2016, 06:01
Eggs in one basket, most Craftworlds are laying low, even to factions like the Imperium, slipping in and out of the webway to ghost through the wilderness zones of the Imperial space.

That and they don't all get along. When they fled the Fall, they escaped in various ways at different dates, as the "Fall" was a long process lasting centuries. Ulthwe was one of the last to escape the cataclysm that engulfed the heart of the Eldar empire, and are mistrusted because alot of other Craftworlds consider them the same as the degenerates they left behind. Ulthwe's desire to stay close to the Eye of Terror, and number of Eldar following the Path of the Seer to foresee Chaos movements (particularly Slaaneshi) are because they shoulder the blame of what their ancestors unleashed on the galaxy, desiring to make it right. Iyanden by contrast, considered the Fall the folly of those left behind, and escaping safely towards the Eastern Fringe, got on with rebuilding the Eldar Empire, mostly ignoring any other Craftworld that would not submit to it's authority (and in turn their arrogance left them to face the Tyranids mostly alone). Saim-hann supposedly suffered badly from the attentions of daemons during it's flight through the Webway, but emerged among the Exodites and repopulated from cross-culture with them, giving them strong ties to the Maiden worlds (other Craftworlds view them as little better than barbarians though, and they in turn see the others as having learned little from the Fall).

Basically, all Eldar Craftworlds mostly look at the other and see their behavior as the reason for the Birth of Slaanesh.

14-04-2016, 06:04
The reason is simple, if they did that then they'd only ever be able to be in one place at any time. The galaxy is a huge place, and there's lots of tasks that need to be achieved in order to ensure the survival of the Eldar. By spreading out the Craftworlds they're able to be in multiple places at once, and thus get those things done more quickly. Even the Webway has it's limits, however few they might be.

Plus not all Craftworld Eldar have a choice in where their Craftworlds go. Ulthwe, for example, is stuck in close orbit around the Eye of Terror, so it certainly wouldn't be a good idea to bunch up around that one.

Lord Damocles
14-04-2016, 06:37
There would probably also be a problem of supply if more Craftworlds were simultaneously relying on the same Exodite worlds for food etc..

Smooth Boy
15-04-2016, 00:16
Yeah if you're a dying race it's probably not a good idea to concentrate yourselves in one, easy to attack/destroy area. However, I can imagine smaller depleted craftworlds amalgamating or the larger ones absorbing refugees.

The bearded one
15-04-2016, 05:05
I do remember an incident that is mentioned in the 40K rulebook's fluff section, where a bunch of Eldar Craftworlds are seen together somewhere in an Imperial sector, and then a little while later all suns in the vicinity are extinguished and the craftworlds were gone.

* Wait, I found the event:


I love that characteristic 40K brutality how 12% of the population and 32% of the heavy industry was succesfully evacuated. Priorities.

6 craftworlds together and accomplish some funky stuff. My personal pet theory is they used those stars as energy in order to fuel a jump to get out of the galaxy and maybe reach another one. It's a mystery.

17-04-2016, 17:30
There are some very strong rivalries and disagreements between the craftworlds; this is one of the few things handled well in the Iyanden supplement. They for instance used to get along great with Biel-Tan but have had a falling out. Alaitoc is intensely insular and especially distrustful. They also have different priorities and aims. Alaitoc sees the Necrons as the greatest threat, Ulthwe fights Chaos, Biel-Tan wants to make a new empire, etc.

17-04-2016, 20:45
Each Craftworld has its own agenda, at the end of the day.

There would probably also be a problem of supply if more Craftworlds were simultaneously relying on the same Exodite worlds for food etc..

Craftworlds are self-sufficient; trade with Exodite worlds is usually for intangibles and luxury goods, not out of necessity.

Rogue Star
18-04-2016, 06:45
Craftworlds are self-sufficient;

Never read that before, is it in a new book somewhere?