View Full Version : How do you use a Deathstar Unit of Independent Characters?

28-04-2016, 23:43
I've always been curious as to how a unit of independent characters and such a low model count can stand up to whole armies, today I saw the following list deployed at a GW store but was sadly only had time to see it deployed before I had to leave...

Ultramarine Allies
Terminator Chaplain,
3 Centurions With Grav Weapons,
& 5 Scout Snipers

Nemesis Strike Force
5 Man Strike Squad with Hammer and Psycannon,
Dreadknight with Personal Teleporter and Great Sword,
Dreadknight with Personal Teleporter and Hammer

Librarian Conclave
Librarian on a bike

From what I saw he had the independent characters teamed up with the centurions, Dreadknights on the side, Strike Squad in reserve and the scouts on an objective at the back.
How does that 1 character heavy unit work?

(BTW I would have posted this in the tactics section but the focus there is on the individual tactica thread so don't think it would have received any notice outside those threads)

30-04-2016, 16:23
It's relatively simple. Draigo stays up front, taking all the damage, Chaplain and Librarians maximises damage output in the first round of combat, and the Cents have a high enough strength to threaten anything. Avoid any Str D attacks and the unit will be fine. The only problem I would have with using such a unit would be their low speed. Without any transport or deep strike options, the unit runs the risk of being avoided or being fed sacrificial units all game, although you could avoid this with the new Angels of Death psychic power that moves scenery around the table.

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Asi the Red
30-04-2016, 17:59
Draigo automatically has Gate of Infinity, letting you redeploy the unit every turn as needed. After that you try for the Daemonology (Sanctic) power that gives a unit +1 to their Invulnerable saves so that Draigo can tank incoming shots on a 2++ Storm Shield.