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04-05-2016, 11:45
I'd like to see what people would think of an updated damage-calculation system - there's a little bit more mental maths involved, but it's just something I've had a think about since someone pointed out that it seemed funny that a suit of armour has the same odds of saving any shot as long as the AP is of a certain number.

Roll to wound = D6 + S - (T + ARM)

So, if the roll to wound produces a positive result, a wound is scored. My immediate thought is that maybe it might be better to choose a number (say, 3) to beat to score a wound, but the basic system is as follows;

A Space Marine takes a hit from a Pulse Rifle. The Tau player rolls a 3 to wound and adds the weapon strength to get 8. He then subtracts the Space Marine's toughness and armour value (4 and 4) to get zero. No wound is scored.

Another Fire Warrior hits an Ork Boy. The Tau player rolls a 2 to wound and adds weapon strength to get 8. He then subtracts the Ork's toughness of 4 and armour value of 1 to get three. A wound is scored.

Armour value would be converted using the 'pip' system from WFB/WAB - a +6 is worth one 'pip', a +5 is worth two 'pips', and so on, so a terminator would subtract his toughness and five for his armour value to resist damage.

Thoughts? Would people be open to a new way of determining wounds in the next edition, or are they happy just to stick with what we have? Any other suggestions?

04-05-2016, 12:33
I guess it would have difficulty differentiating between weapons with differing armour penetration properties unless you added in the concept of modifiers, at which point you might as well be using the 2nd ed system.

Casper Hawser
04-05-2016, 14:49
As soon as I read this it made me think of 2nd.

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05-05-2016, 01:10
That is almost the system WHQ used.

05-05-2016, 03:17
Wouldn't that result in removing the armor save roll entirely? That would remove a lot of the interaction in the shooting phase if one player just sits and watches if their models die.
Or you could go further, and after the wound, the defender rolls (d6 + armor pips - AP modifier > or = 7) but again, we are back more like 2nd edition.

Actually, I am starting to like this idea. Would take an adjustment period, but you could do something similar to the to hit system (d6 + BS - cover modifier > or = 7 for ranged, d6 + WS - opponent's WS > or equal to 4 for melee)

06-05-2016, 18:32
@WesJanson that sounds pretty close to how it works in Rick Priestley's new game, Battle For Antares.

Player 1 rolls to hit, player 2 rolls a save based on the equivalent of T+Armour-weapon power.

Works nicely too, the owning player still makes the last roll to see if the model is removed, but it cuts out 1/3 of dice rolls.