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04-05-2016, 11:47
Having eagerly been awaiting the arrival of Destruction info since the dawn of Age of Sigmar, I pre-ordered this 10 tome and thought I'd share my thoughts on it:

Page count: 112 pages - Little small, but it's only 10, so what are you going to do?

Content: I was really eager to find out what Destruction was doing, so delved in to this book with questions. There were some really interesting tidbits:

1) Troggoths are born from slime that doesn't live in the sunlight. This primordial muck just coalesces in to Troggoths, who spring forth fully formed(Pg. 74). I liked that and it does vaguely link them to Orruks.

2)Firebellies have a long-term goal to eat the sun. That's right. THE SUN. THEY WANT TO EAT THE SUN.

3) All greenskins that are Goblin-like are called 'Grots', but they all have radically different reasons for being.

4) Moonclan grots have been forbidden by GorkaMorka to eat the moon. That's right. Gorkamorka specifically forbade them eating the moon.

There are some dumb things, though:

1) Moonclan grots like to make giant bonfires of cities. As the last great city outside of Azyr died in the age of chaos and Sigmar is specifically mentioned to have killed all Skaven, Orruks and all unclean things, the only thing I can think of is that Sigmar let Moonclan grots live just to burn down his city? I guess? Multiple times, since it specifically says "Cities".

The other option is that the writers have no idea what Destruction does during the rebuilding period that is the Age of Sigmar. Since there are no cities left and only pockets of hidden enclaves of civilization, I don't know what to say. It bothered me a lot to read that their whole reason for being is to destroy things that don't actually exist any more. I was hoping for more than that.

CONTENTS: As I just recounted my main concern with the book - The fact that Destruction seems to have no real reason for being in the Age of Sigmar as there is no discussion of how they've dealt with Khornate keeps or Nurgle bone plains - I am probably more irritated and less generous than I should be. Nevertheless, this is a failing point. Destruction doesn't even have the various non-Orruk warscrolls like the Great Gitmob. It is literally just the free Warscrolls you get with the Age of Sigmar app.

Final thoughts: Just stick to the AoS app. It has only the barest bones of ideas and they were very lazily put in. I had hoped for a few stories that suggest what Destruction is doing, but was deeply disappointed. Apparently, Destruction has developed time travel to let their various groups go back in time to when cities still existed and not everyone was captured and enslaved or forced in to hiding.

04-05-2016, 14:01
So 10 (actually 50 pln) stays in my pocket. AoS app is no better right now, there is total mess in the naming. You have 3 units named "Grots" right now, but when you open the warscroll you see they are called gnoblars, goblins, and night goblins. You have "IronjawS Big Mob" Battalion consisting of black orcs... But there is no Black Orc warscroll.. Just "Orruk Ardboys"...but wait.. When you choose them and open the warscroll the black orcs are back again! It seems they burned the cities with SCROLLS holding their names and now even GW doesn't know who is who..

And the new Orruks are called IronjawZ, the old ones IronjawS. I know they are not the best in rammar and spelling. But please..

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Captain Marius
04-05-2016, 16:14
Re the city thing, fwiw that description could cover what the moonclan grots have been up to for the last 5,000 years or however long its been. Also the Order book mentions that Sigmars armies are establishing new cities and colonies as they drive back chaos, so thats gotta be good news for the night gobbos! Im sure chaos has plenty of cities themselves ripe for the plunder too!

The book itself is fine for a tenner, but no battalions is a bit of a jip!

04-05-2016, 18:50
Thanks for the review

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