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04-05-2016, 18:37
So, I want to expand my medium sized Tau army to be realy big and epic! So, anyone got any sugestions on how to expand it? Here is what I own so far

Shas'O R'Alai
Aun'Va (With both bodyguards)
19 Pathfinders (9 are home made from fire warrior. 10 are the new. Got 10 more that are unbuilt)
72 Fire Warriors (Strike Team with Pulse Rifles)
10 Fire Warriors (Breacher Team)
53 Kroot (2 Sharpers)
31 Gun Drones
4 Shield Drones
2 Marker Drones
2 Shielded Missile Drones
1 Missile Drone
1 Piranha (Burst Cannon)
3 Devilfish
9 Stealth suits (2 Fusion Blasters)
14 Old Crisis Suits (Planning to replace with new)
3 New Crisis suits (Unbuilt)
6 Broadsides (5 old with Railguns, 1 new with Missiles)
2 Riptides (Ion Accellerators)
1 Stormsurge (Pulse Driver Cannon)
1 Sunshark/Razorshark (Unbuilt)

I'd also like to have some tips on how to equip my New Crisis Suits I'm gonna get to replace the old ones (No magnetising, I just cant do that..) I'm planning to build 3-6 with Fusion Blaster and Plasma Gun.. Thats all I know.. I wanna have a few to face all manner of opponents..

05-05-2016, 02:57
Hammerheads, Skyrays, Devilfish and Tiger Sharks. Battlesuits are too mainstream now. :cool:

If magnetising isn't an option for you, then you can also achieve the same result by pinning. Simply drill two holes in the battlesuit's arms and shoulders and the weapons and support systems, and glue a pair of pins (any long piece of metal the right width will do, I tend to use commonly available wire) into the weapons and support systems to act as pegs. You can then change out the battlesuit's weapons and support systems without ever using a single magnet.

Asi the Red
05-05-2016, 03:42
I've loved the look of the Forge World's Hazard suits for quite some time, so that would be my suggestion.

05-05-2016, 05:14
I dont want to magnetise or pin. I dont want loose interchangeable bits. Last time I had magnetised models someone ended up stealing the box with weapon bits so now my Thunderwolf Cavalry have no arms..

11-05-2016, 21:28
The new regular commander, but maybe instead of 1, get 2 or 3. 1 on foot for sure because of the signature systems, and 1, or 2, coldstars. I'm currently planning on 2 Coldstars myself accompanied by the flyer formation. Just something for fun. And a ghostkeel. That'll give you the stealth formation, and it's a cool model.

12-05-2016, 09:52
I'd add Vespids (I've always loved the models) and convert some human auxiliaries.

14-05-2016, 18:58
The Barracuda is back, having slimmed down a bit and is looking faster and meaner than before.

14-05-2016, 20:57
Vespid would be good if you play on a lot of city fight boards.

bad dice
14-05-2016, 22:08
Get a supremecy suit. as a center piece.
and if that is not a option

I would go whit a few vechicles

15-05-2016, 00:31
U would grab two more piranhas and do that never ending drone formation.

Asura Varuna
15-05-2016, 16:08
A third riptide for the formation, and a Y'vara because they're awesome.

If you're not looking to cheese things up then more Hammerhead/Skyray kits. Keep the turrets off for transport and you can use them as more devilfish/interchange the options around. Bring back the fish of fury with 72 mounted FWs. :) Also, csondier getting some of these to convert your old broadsides into HYMPs. http://www.paulson-games.com/catalog/item/8270133/9104104.htm

Smooth Boy
15-05-2016, 17:14
No Ghostkeel?

16-05-2016, 15:53
A hammerhead with longstrike makes for an excellent utility piece. I would also suggest more coldstars as above so that you can arm some of your suits with AFPs.

16-05-2016, 17:01
The new Barracuda looks awesome.. I dont realy want to run formations, And Vespids are cool, But Finecast.. Might try a few anyway though.. And while I'd love to buy a Ta'unar Supremacy Suit.. It costs more then the rest of my army combined.. And it dosent feel right spending that much on a single model.. xD

20-05-2016, 17:43
Ta'unar Supremacy Suit.