View Full Version : Multi-kits and upgrade parts

08-05-2016, 02:10
Looking at the new Stormhawk and WazBomma, I'm wondering why some of the new parts aren't shared as upgrade components with the other models built from the same kit. Why not let the Storm Talon swap it's TL Assault cannon for the Las Talon, or add the Flare launcher? Why not make the rokket boostas an upgrade for any ork plane (and on an older note, why not let any ork plane take rokkits or burna rokkits? They easily could have added the options when they rereleased the new flier datasheets (though they didn't even bother to adjust any fliers to take advantage of the new rules, or fix overpriced options, or even catch all typos (see the Wazbomma point cost for adding more planes to the unit)

GW has been limiting rules to only cover models they make kits for, and parts in those kits. So why not actually add rules for some of those parts again? It would add more flexability and customizaation again, and even could bring back some older kits- see all the carnifex parts tyhat used to have rules but don't any more.

10-05-2016, 14:36
*thinking sound*