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31-05-2016, 07:58
Hopefully this is the correct place to put this

I have not played in many years and am starting 40k again.
Last time i played the Chaos Space marine book contained daemons and had special rules for fielding Iron Warriors/Night Lords etc i think 3/4th edition.

Anyway i dont have access to many of the books at the moment so was hoping to get a bit of a run down of whats what these days.

The armies that have always interested me the most are
Iron Warriors
Death Guard
Space Wolves
Dark Angels
Inquisition,mostly Xenos

Can anyone point me in the right direction of what can and cant be played these days.
Before i stopped i was considering a Ordo Xenos army using the rules from either the Space Marines or Grey Knights(thought the heavy use of psycannons/Flamers sat well with Death Watch armoury)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Casper Hawser
31-05-2016, 08:23
GW recently released Deathwatch Overkill which has a small Deathwatch force in it and has rules to use them in 40k although I don't believe it to be very competitive in 40k. It may be a good place to start.
Grey Knights and the Inquisition have been separated and the Inquisition codex is download only I believe.
Probably the best place to start would be the Space Marine codex as there is so many different builds for space marines in there but no deathwatch unfortunately.

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31-05-2016, 10:12
Iron Warriors - codex Chaos Space Marines (6th ed) - no special rules. If you want to add artillery such as basilisks to a modern chaos force ally in the renegades and heretics (Imperial Armour 5 2nd edition - Siege of Vraks).
The Iron Warriors old benefits of extra heavy slots and obliterators are not relevant in the current codex as any chaos faction can take extra oblits and FoCs.

Relictors - no special rules exist for this army/chapter.

Inquisition - the inquisition ebook is outdated (the rules it contains are from 5th edition) but it does include a basic xenos inquisitor. There are also somewhat impractical rules for a single deathwatch unit to go with the new board game models. Beyond that you are playing a marine army of your choice.

Of your remaining choices, Eldar are the top dogs of the game, Tau are strong, DA and wolves are generally capable (wolves with an emphasis on the wolves though), and chaos marines are waiting on an up to date codex.

31-05-2016, 10:35
Ill look into what i fancy doing then. Might leave chaos till the new book then

31-05-2016, 10:48
The usual advise applies - collect what you want to paint (unless you are a serious tournament player in which case you should collect eldar...)

01-06-2016, 09:06
The Dark Vengeance starter set has Dark Angels specific models. Mostly single pose, but nice sculpts. Very affordable squads on ebay. Don't know nothing about the codex, or how the army plays Or, if the DV DA's are a good start to an army.